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  1. Hi All I have 2 MAC 250s on a drum riser, which are either in fixed positions or doing small, slow movement effects. The problem I have is that when I trigger a movement effect (either from a static position or from another movement that's already running) the lights snap to the start position of the new movement. I would like them to fade slowly into the start position then start moving, as all the moves are really slow and the snap looks awful. I have tried putting the movements into the position palletes and I have tried them in subs and memories with long fade times for all the fades. Any advice? Thanks Daniel
  2. Hi What is the "details" tab for in the parameter add window? I am adding beamshape parameters, and I am curious as to what the "fixed" checkbox does? Thanks Dan
  3. OK I will see what I can do with regard to getting some non dimmed power in the roof... Thanks for the advice guys. Dan
  4. Unfortunately, all of the sockets in the roof are running off 2 dimmer racks so getting non-dimmed power up there is not an option. We don't tend to use the master fader to dim the lights anyway when the desk is in operation, it is either fully on or fully off, so the macs aren't getting consistently "dimmed" power. Is there something I can do at the desk end to stop isolate certain channels (the mac power channels) from the master and blackout? That way, you could do a blackout but those channels would still be outputting at 100%, thus the macs would stay on... Thanks Dan
  5. Hi there We have 3 mac 250 profiles and 2 mac 300 washes at my church (www.elimbristol.org) and a bullfrog desk. The problem is that the macs are powered from plug sockets in the rigging that are on dimmers, so if you do a blackout or take the grand master down, the macs lose power. When you take the blackout off, the macs are then reset as the power comes back on and there is the usual delay as they cool down so the lamps can restrike. (there are some faders on the desk that have to be up in order to have the macs on, these are obviously patched to the dimmer channels for those plug sockets). Is there any way of getting round this, short of programming the dimmers so that the mac sockets are always on, regardless of the dimmer control information they are receiving? Thanks Dan
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