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    I'm running the latest operating software but I'm still recieving the same issue as I was before which is when programming subs and viewing the subs page it will not update the view to show it has recorded content unless you click on or press the screen. can get a bit confusing when doing multiple subs from remote and has cause me to think I havent programmed in anyhting and then to redo it!.
  2. Does anybody have a fixture profile for Showtec's Pixel track Pro in modes 20 or 40? The fixture release seems to only have modes 4 and 7 and in missing the others, disappointing! Dan
  3. Hi Peter, It was definitely not a network related issue, the Orb and the PC/ Ipad where all in the right vlan. I have now been able to connect to the desk via the remote devices however it is still not working correctly - The desk has crashed at least once whilst being remotely controlled and even though the remote device is connected to the right vlan with the correct IP address etc I still sometimes cannot see the desk at all to connect to. any thoughts would be great! Dan
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