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  1. Hi guys, I need to downgrade from 7.9.2. to some older version before big controlling changes on my LeapFrog48. When I put USB with 7.9.1 and older, console tell me that software is not compatible with this product. Those software changes are not good for me, I missing simply adding palletes with holding buttons, extend from 10 to 30 submasters on page, intuitive and simply editing submasters...
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    Hello, I´ve the qustion about WYSIWIG. What is it? And for what it can be used? Sorry for this stupid qustion, but with my language gap, I haven´t any chance to find info for use anywhere. Thanks, George
  3. Hello, I need help with set up remote between Leap Frog 48 - Wifi Air Live (stable IP - HTC Desire S (Android). What/which adresses I must fill in the boxes (Zero Wire and Remote) ? Thank you, George
  4. Hello, I have some problem with creating personalities for Futurelight DJ 250 WASH and they working badly (when I patch the second of them, the first is gone). Have someone it as original, or fully functional fixture? Leap Frog 48.. Thanks, Jirka
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