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  1. Hi Jon, ehm, I guess I saw RGB in the display but I'm not shure at the moment. I tried to edit the fixture data and there I had CMY using my new data and was very suprised... But I think, with Mikes data, R G and B showed up and were inverted. I'm wondering why my selfmade Fixture data where I used "-Red", "-Green" and "-Blue" seems to work fine now... I'll check all that at the next show at the weekend. Thanks a lot! Jo
  2. Hi, we are using a Leapfrog 48 with newest software. And yes, I tried out the 7 channel DMX mode. Yesterday I edited the fixture file and changed R, G and B from "+Red"... to "-Red)... that seems to work so far. (Don't know much about the editor...) Regards, Jo
  3. Ehhmmm... just tested this fixture Data. Somehow R, G and B are inverted (full on at "0" setting) while A and W and the rest seems to work fine. What went wrong? Regards
  4. Hey Mike, that's sooo cool! Thanx so much!! I will try it out soon... Regards, Jo
  5. Hi! I'm looking for the desk-data for the new fixture Varytec LED PAR 64 Floor 5in1 7x10W RGBAW (code 105032) and LED PAR64 Floor 5in1 15x10W. (More Chanels than standard fixture file). Can anyone help us? Regards! :-)
  6. Hello! As some other guys I'm looking for a fixturefile for Showtec Pixelbar12 (with different DMX modes). We could use the standard fixture RGB, but 7 channel mode etc. sounds better. Can anyone help? Thanks a lot!
  7. I wonder how we could get our GLP Juniorscan 2 to work with Leapfrog 48 blackout and maybe masterdimmer?? The Juniorscans don't have a Dimmer but a shutter. But while shutter 0 means off and 255 brings us to full open - there are a lot of other things happening between these values (strobe, music to shutter, etc.). We would like to have it the way that DBO and master would open and close the shutter because there is no dimmer. But if I attach the shutter to the brightness parameter, DBO works - but I get a lot of "special effects (strobing etc.) in the middle of the master faderway... :-( I
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