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  1. Ok, so I'd like to put movements using the shape gen into a pallette so I can then program down to a submaster. I've tried it.. making sure nothing is tagged. I can recall the pallette, but when I try to put the pallette to the sub I get nothing. I have rev 10 softs. I posted here back in January and got what looked like good advice, only it didn't work. So, I ended up using a MLC-16 for the movers part of the show. So, I have a problem.. my client bought the desk, and now wants to put it in a permanent install. He Can't figure the thing out, and if you ask me this thing is a duck that plugs into the wall. Please help. I've programmed on 4 dif avo desks and a couple hogs. I can't make this thing do anything smart.
  2. Okeeee... I'm going to be programming my first show on a Fat frog and need a few tips. If you just want to post page numbers in the manual for me to refrence that's ok. From what I can tell the programming arcitecture is a bit clunky as opposed to say a pearl, but for 1/4th the investment that's easily overlooked. I'm going to be programming this show for a non lighting person and need it to be fairly idiot proof. Anyway..on with questions. 1. when programming you can't expect to get what you want by programming directly to subs..yes? you must first program to mems, and then transfer to subs? 2. Is there a "clean" way of programming individual fixture attribtes to a sub, or mem, without having to edit the aformentioned and remove attributes. Using pallettes correct? 3. Combining statics and individual fixture attributes (say color) to a sub. What I want to do is program a static "look" say in all one color wash. when I bring up that fader I want the movers to change color ONLY ( no brightness) to a pre programmed one. again.. do I program a mem with statics and then add pallette info? 4. Shape generator. I want to use the shape generator adiitively..in other words whatever the position of the fixtures is at the time, I want to be able to bring up a fader and have the movement begin. can shapes be assigned to a pallette button? 5. Sweep function. I know on other desks it is possible to program tilt only info (allowing all other attributes to remain controlled but their respective faders incl. pan) onto a submaster so you can do a "real time" house sweep. How can this be achieved on the Frog? Or say I have a positional cue set up on stage... I then modify that by enableing a shape...I then want to sweep that shape to the house and back as I move the fader up and down...I thinik you get the idea. That should be about it.... I'm sure I'll find little "goodies" as I become more familliar with the desk. If I stumble on anything really neat, I'll post it here. Thanks in advance.
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