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  1. Hi Edward Just tried Jon’s suggestion and it all seemed ok until I did some programming. When going to save on the same usb it couldn’t be found. I hadn’t removed the stick, and it was recognised and loading previous shows up to that point. cheers Sandy
  2. Hi Thanks for these replies, just back to the forum. I'm still having the same issue. Did you get a resolve Neil/Edward? Cheers Sandy]
  3. Hi I have just updated a Leapfrog 48 however it fails to recognise USB sticks. If you restore desk to factory it will read the stick once but then fails to see it again. Have reformatted sticks and tried different ones, all which worked fine in previous firmware. Any help available? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi looking for a personality for Lanta Aurora Double Polaris for the FLX. Handbook attached. Many thanks in advance Sandy Link to hanbook - http://www.lantalighting.com/app/uploads/product_files/60/l02265_double_polaris_handbook_2.pdf
  5. Hi Jon Thanks for this info, I'll give it a shot. However I know from using other touch screen devices that I prefer to use touch screen for selection and a real wheel or rotary knob for scrolling or adjustment. Probably a legacy from an analogue upbringing! Keep you posted. Cheers Sandy
  6. Hi I have recently purchased a FLX for my venue. Just wandered if you could set an encoder wheel to scroll through screen lists rather than the touch screen side bar? Many Thanks Sandy
  7. Hi Would it be possible to have a personality for a fixture RGBW - Dimmer - Strobe. The fixture is Eurolite LED ML-30 QCL. Manual attached. It's for the FLX desk. Many thanks
  8. Hi In response to my own post I think I've got it sorted. I've attached my attempt if anyone wishes to try it for themselves! Thanks Edit: Link replaced with file in post below
  9. Hi I am relatively new to lighting so please excuse any naivety! I have recently acquired a Jester ML and two Stairville MH-X50 +, unfortunately I cannot find them specifically in the latest fixture library so tried to create the fixture myself using the editor. Minor success I suppose as in some functions worked but don't really think they are quite doing what they are meant to, actually at some points whirring in to a spinning frenzy for no apparent reason! I notice that some fixtures are created by request through this forum, is this something that can be done for me or can any one
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