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  1. Sven76

    ZerOS 7.9.6 gets slow

    Hi, I made the very same experience with our Orb XF. Strangely after going into Setup and back again everything was responding fine again Best regards Sven
  2. Hi all, cool Idea. Let's hope the ZerOS gods are merciful to us šŸ˜‰ My most missing features are: - Pixelmapping/Matrix (yes it is in W.I.P. but really really need it. The sooner the better) - Independent "real" FX-Masters to independently scale FX Size and FX Speed. I never understood why speed and size were bound together. Best regards Sven
  3. Iā€˜m happy to tell you that your hint perfectly worked for me! šŸ˜ After I did the update as it is documented sven.kempf@t-online.de be done all F/X are perfectly working for me. Thanks a lot for the perfect help! Best regards Sven
  4. Hi@all before I start upgrading to iOS 13 I'd like to ask if "Z Remote" and "Z Monitor" are already compatible? Thanks in advance Best regards Sven
  5. Ok. Good to know. From time to time reading manuals seems to be a good idea šŸ¤” I will try over the weekend and give feedback again Thanks and best regards Sven
  6. Well you are right: I really did it like I was used to šŸ˜• You really believe this might be the root cause?
  7. Hi Edward I was already able to test your suggestion. Unfortunately it didn't work at all. Still, when I press "Automatically create Effect palettes" only the [No Effect] button gets created. I tried the installation 2 times and even did a fresh download and a deep formatting of the stick. No change at all. I then tried to create a FX palette by using Phantom. Phantom was able to create a palette. But after transferring the showfile to the desk non of those FX buttons were usable (all grey). Any further Ideas? I also wrote an email to support including my showfile because I'm really desperate at the moment šŸ˜ž Thank you and best regards Sven
  8. Hi Edward, thank you for your hint. I will test this over the weekend and will give feedback if it worked. Best regards Sven
  9. Hi all I'm having a huge issue with the FX palette on our ORB XF running ZerOS 7.9.5: After updating the console to 7.9.5 many FX of our show are not working anymore. Many of them are even "grey" instead of "blue" now, so that I can't even select them (for instance a circle for a moving head or color FX for our RGB(W) fixtures). I then thought: "OK, lets get rid of the old stuff and build it up new from scratch". But with that it got even worth: I deleted all FX on the palette and pressed the "automatic create..." button. But then only very view FX were created, they got spread all over the palette and even them do not work! Does anybody have a similar experience? What could i do wrong? Is there a solution or a workaround? BTW: Even on the Phantom the automatic creation is not working Thanks in advance Best regards Sven
  10. Cool hint! Thanks!! šŸ˜Š
  11. Hi Edward, thanks for the quick reply. That wasn't exactly what I was hoping for but somehow what I expected šŸ˜Œ Maybe this would be worth a user story in your backlog. At least from my perspective exactly all those MIDI show creations (especially with capture in place) would totally make sense to be able to do them in an office instead off "on front of the console". One more question regarding MIDI and the MTC section in the linked article: "...Any cue across any playback can be assigned a Time Code stamp, meaning that when this clock time is received, this cue will be triggered....": On reverse closure that means if I want to use MTC for more then one song I have to somehow deal with an offset in the MTC, meaning I can't start the timecode for all songs at 0:00:00:00, right? Thanks and best regards Sven
  12. Hi all, I'm at the moment trying my first steps with MIDI and ZerOS. No I'm wondering: Is there a way to use MIDI on Phantom (currently 7.9.5)? For instance with loopMIDI (https://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software/loopmidi.html) and reaper (https://www.reaper.fm/)? With that I could prepare my show at home without the need to sit in front of the console ;-) Thanks and best regards Sven
  13. Hi again, sorry for the late feedback: We were able to start the console in Test-Mode and saw a perfect STL signal (almost only kicks as EQed by Sound console). After that we again started the console as normal and retried our tests: I don't know what we did different this time, but everything is working perfect and as expected now! So thanks for all the help and hints! Best regards Sven
  14. Thanks a lot. I will Test this tomorrow and give you Feedback best regatds Sven
  15. By the way: My sound colleague mentioned, that he physically switched the "L" and "R" parallel by using a coupling resistance. (see attached circuit diagram) He now thinks that this might cause an issue, if you are doing the same inside the desk, because this might cause a phase shift of 180Ā° which would result in a level of 0. Can you confirm or deny that you really use "L/R" in the desk or if you parallelize the signals as well - then we would need to remove our coupling resistance. I hope this makes sens to you, since I only translating here. I'm no soundguy as you might know šŸ˜‰ Beside this he would like to know, which level would be needed on the input to trigger the chase. Thanks and best regards Sven
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