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  1. Hi,

    We've just bought an ex-hire Elara 12/24 Mk1 from our local Zero 88 distributor and I have a feeling we may have developed a fault.


    First off just making sure I am not being stupid ;) and trying to do something I can't do; On the Elara am I correct in thinking I can just switch on Wide mode and use all the faders for 24 channels without having to bother with the preset control button?


    If so; when the console is in wide mode it decides after 15 or so minutes to turn wide mode off and only letting me control 12 channels, any ideas?




  2. On the Demux 24 specification it says:

    Analogue output voltage: Each output socket can be set to positive or negative polarity (+/-10V)

    So do you have to install a Negative Output Card?



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