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  1. Hi, We've just bought an ex-hire Elara 12/24 Mk1 from our local Zero 88 distributor and I have a feeling we may have developed a fault. First off just making sure I am not being stupid and trying to do something I can't do; On the Elara am I correct in thinking I can just switch on Wide mode and use all the faders for 24 channels without having to bother with the preset control button? If so; when the console is in wide mode it decides after 15 or so minutes to turn wide mode off and only letting me control 12 channels, any ideas? Thanks, Chris
  2. simschr

    Alpha Pack MK1

    What is the safe load of the Alpha Pack MK1 before it overloads in watts? Chris
  3. I soon replaced the 10m 8pin-din cable which resolved all of these issues. Many thanks for you time, It was much appreciated anyway. Chris
  4. I am using a Alphapack 1 into a Demux 48 and want to know how to control it with an Diablo. I have tried patching it up through the generics key but this has failed to work. Can anyone give me any quick guidelines on how to run this setup? Chris
  5. simschr

    Images in Signatures

    Hi, I wondered if we are allowed images in our signatures? I noticed some users have them I just wondered what the recommended size if we are allowed them? Thanks Chris
  6. simschr

    Zero 88 Wallpapers

    Jester & Juggler Chris © 2006 Zero 88 Lighting Ltd. All rights reserved.
  7. Is there an image of the Focus range of luminaries?
  8. Thanks Paul, That's just what I needed just wanted to look at some of the discontinued Zero 88 products most of the ones im after are there. Thanks Chris
  9. Just wondered if there are any good websites to download Publicity images of discontinued Zero 88 products. Thanks Chris
  10. simschr

    Zero 88 Wallpapers

    I was given permission by Zero 88 to make wallpapers of current products and I have made: Leap Frog Alcora & Elara Betapack 2 Fat Frog Thanks Chris © 2005 Zero 88 Lighting Ltd. All rights reserved.
  11. Does anyone know where a 00-549-00, Betapack Mk1 DMX Input Kit can be bought from? Thanks Chris
  12. That would be useful when you need a quick response like on this topic it took nearly 5 hours for a reply!
  13. simschr

    Lightmaster 300 mk3

    Yves thanks thats just the one I needed
  14. Is there a manual for the Lightmaster 300 mk3?
  15. simschr

    Demux 24

    On the Demux 24 specification it says: So do you have to install a Negative Output Card? thanks chris

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