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  1. Hi, Me again In middle of show now - first three nights going well as is the desk - except... I have 4 Martin Mania EFX 500 on board. They respind to the desk correctly 'manually' but I have tried repeatedlt to put various settings for them on a sub. - Nothing happens! various other fixture on the same universe are doing so. - Any ideas or do I have to do three more 'manually!? Thanks Mel PS I'll pm after the show with my experiences with this new desk. May be of some use to you. Impressed generally.
  2. That's sort of what I expected - so thanks for confirming that. Looking forward to trying this desk! mel
  3. Can someone tell me what is meant by a Lamp +1 channel scroller? I will have some scrollers on hire for a show from Stage Electrics; Chroma Q P64. I am intrigued by the 'lamp +' description. Does this mean I can programme the scroller to move on dark - if so how? Thanks Mel
  4. Ok got that - I'll be back (perhaps) Mel
  5. I have a problem! When I go in setup and add fixtures - I get to a screen that is headed 'Add Fixtures Select Destination' has a green banner and a back and finish button at the bottom - the 'screen' itself is blank white and I cannot get further than this - finish does nothing (though it is coloured red), close does just that, and my added fixture does not appear! Mel
  6. Thanks Chaps - yes that is exactly how it looks - I am now reading the manual and going through stuff 'on line' - seems OK so far. mel
  7. I mean that the display is indeed too small to read (understandably) but there is an option marked LCD display on settings that is greyed out. Presumably you are still developing it, I can cope with that! Looking forward to seeing the thing for real! Mel
  8. Hoping to have a Leap 96 on hire at end of month, so was delighted to see a new simulator appear. Unfortunately, though it appears to work OK I cannot 'see' the LCD screen and the whole front panel is blacked out. There is no green background or legends visible only the knobs etc. I have tried this on XP and W2K with same result. Any ideas? Mel
  9. We have a problem with a Fat Frog - I can preset a show on Phantom and load it in to the desk no problem. I cannot save a show from the desk - the drive does not light and the screen displays ""saving showXX 0% (cancel)"" It stays like this for as long as you care to wait. Cancel does not respond and the only way out is to switch off the desk. The OS is 9.8.01 and will also not update to 10.4 - have tried several downloads and several discs. The upshot is that I have no backups of shows and can only do one at a time unless I replicate every move on the Phantom. Everything else on teh desk se
  10. Thanks, I sussed that myself! What I can't get to happen is the patching. If for example channel 48 has address 048 at present, If I try to put address 048 in the fixture the desk automatically changes it as it is in use. So then I add a duplicate address for channel 48. Nothing happens. I realise this is probably very simple but I'm getting old now! :? Mel
  11. Having recently been plunged into using a Fat Frog, I am doing OK so far, but I am struggling with patching. The auditorium has no dimmable house lights so I have to use some lanterns on generic channels. I would like to assign a fixture wheel to this purpose, but I don't know how!. Can anyone help please? Cheers
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