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  1. Thanks but not sure what you mean by "release"? If you mean "return to zero", that is what I am trying to avoid, as I loose the first page state. I want to maintain the state from page 1 and bring up the state on page 2.
  2. I put Lamp 1 up in page 1, say on submaster 10. I switch to page 2. Quite correctly the yellow light flashes on submaster 10 to remind me I have something set on page 1. But how can I maintain the lamp on page 1 as ON, and switch on lamp 2 on page 2 on the same submaster, if you understand. In practice I had a profile on page 1 and a MAC move on the same submaster on page 2. How do I leave the profile on on P1 and activate the Mac on P2. The manual says something like … Release page overlay. I tried all combinations of the flash button, Flash on , of, solo etc. But none worked. A work around is clearly not to use the same submaster on different pages, but this is very limiting. Thanks
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