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  1. Is anyone able to create the fixture? I have never before used the fixture tool. I will give it a try, though, if nobody else is.
  2. Johnny

    Missing features

    Do you mean some form of display above the faders? We're keeping this in mind for any future product we made, but unfortunately there was just no way we could do something like this without a dramatic price increase. Yes, that is exactly what I had in mind. I figured it would be a pricing problem but I still think the user should easier be able to tell what his faders are there for at the very moment. Colored LEDs might be a solution. Maybe you can bring this to developers attention when you go about planning the FLX 2... I'm not sure what you mean by this? Maybe you could expand on this please? By "scene" in a theatrical sense I mean a collection of intensity parameters (for conventional lanterns only) (but you could, I guess, also add all the parameters a modern fixture needs) and save that as a preset. For example, Scene 1 is set in a living room. Your channels are set: #1 to 75%, #2 + #3 to 50%, #4 + 5 to 80%. Save that as Preset 1. In case, scene 3 and 8 have the same settings, you can just apply preset 1 to scenes 3 and 8. If you later on change something about that preset (for example, Channel #1 is now #9) the change takes effect wherever Preset 1 has been used for (Cues, Submasters... whatever). I am aware you can already do this with all your digital fixtures, but I am talking about my conventional lanterns.
  3. Johnny

    Missing features

    Hello, I really liked the FLX @ PLS earlier this month. Still, I think it misses certain features. Maybe you should htink about implementing those in the future? - On Screen Displays: I've really grown accustomed to those. Especially when you are leaving the one-fader-per-channel world, OSDs will give you quicker overview of what your faders are doing at the moment - Undo-Button: Just like that - Saving scenes to presets
  4. Hello, with latest ZerOS installed on a LeapFrog 48 I noticed just today that the desk will not allow to change date+time without rebooting the entire desk. After reboot the changes applied.
  5. I am not sure whether this will work but you can try the following: Enter SETUP, then go to DESK SETUP and then to SUBMASTER DEFAULTS. In SUBMASTER CONTROLS... activate POSITION. what kind of desk and ZerOS software are you using?
  6. Hi Jon, I tried several modes but finally decided on using the "General: Stage" mode. But in neither mode the parameters provided by the desk were fitting, e.g. "cyan" was not controlling Cyan, "red" was not controlling Red etc. So are the SourceFour LED in the fixture Library Series 1 or Series 2? I did create auto-palettes again, when this didn't work, I deleted all palettes and auto-created palettes again. Still, I only get the auto-palettes for our Robe XT Moving Lights (which I would like to keep anyway - the palettes, I mean). The SourceFour LED are in Universe 1 together with all our conventional lanterns and the Robe XT are in Universe 2. But surely this should not be the cause for this problem? edit: Update. I figured out a way to make things work, but it's far from perfect. From the fixture library I picked the ETC Source4 LED in mode "HSIC+Fan+Strobe (7 chan)". Now I get to control the fan, strobe, Hue, Saturation, Intensity and even White Point correctly. But I am stuck with 7 channels (the Lamp itself features up to 14 channels to control every colour individually) and I only get to scroll throuhg the colours with the wheel. No colour-picking, no colour palettes (yet).
  7. Hello there, I thought I was an experienced user on LeapFrog 48, but I can't get this done: We recently added a pair of new fixtures, ETC LED Source Four Series 1, to our venue. I was hoping that the desk (running ZerOS 7.8.0) would create auto-colour-palettes for those, but it didn't. Instead, when selecting the new fixtures, the colour palette screen shows the palettes fitting our previous fixtures (which are still in use), but they are not selectable. In related problems, I am wondering whether the LED Source Four provided by the fixture library are Series 1 or Series 2? I understand that there is a difference between those since ETC added extra colours to the latest Source Four. Is there a way to create auto-colour-palettes for LED SourceFour Series 1? I really don't want to go through all our shows and manually insert the colors I need to the colour palette. Will this interfere with the colour palettes of our previous fixtures? And by the way I noticed I can't delete or edit fixtures in the setup>patch screen. I really hope you will be able to help me with this.
  8. Hello, I am trying to find out which ZerOS version I have installed. But where did the "Desk Information" screen go on my Leap Frog 48? It used to be in SETUP>Files but isn't there any more. I tried all other menus as well and wasn't able to find it. Did this move in one of the latest OS updates? Best regards, Johnny
  9. Hello, I know this has been discussed before but I'm unable to find that thread so I'm starting a new one: Is there a possibility to move multiple memories in stack on a LeapFrog w/ ZerOS 7.7? I am re-doing old shows and I need to insert new scenes into the memory stack and I'm afraid the Insert-Function doesn't allow for enough new steps to be inserted. I'd rather move a range of memories "downwards", like memories #12 - #24 now being memories #24 - #36.
  10. Hi Jon, thanks for the advice. I wasn't aware of these functions. Must have missed that part in the manual. Thanks a lot!
  11. Hello there. I used to use the Bull Frog desk and switched to Leap Frog 48 two years ago. One feature I am really missing is the "Transfer with time"-function the older desk offered. That way I could easily prepare a variety of chases using submasters and then simply transfer these into the cue stack. I have not yet found a way of doing so with the leap frog. Any ideas of how to do that? Or could a future uupdate solve this issue? Similar issue: Will it be possible to transfer output values from one channel to another - for example, if I have a very nice chase using channels 3 to 6, will there be a possibility to transfer that chase to channels 7 to 10? - Johnny
  12. Hi Jon, thanks for the explanation. To be honest, I am somewhat disappointed by the limited functionality in this specific case. I'd rather be able to select which memory (or submaster) is being triggered by which note. Any chance of implementing this in future updates? Thread-starter mentioned a way of using a MIDI>DMX interface. Do you have made any experience with these? Thanks for the help! Johnny
  13. Just to give you an update on my experiences: the KÖNIG USB LED keyboard mentioned above works like a charm. the LED illuminated keys are very usefuland very good to read in darkness and the additional media keys made no trouble whatsoever. the only downsides are: USB illumination is not automatically lit when the desk is being powered on. the arrow keys are well hidden and the home-, page up/down- and insert-keys are also not where one wuld expect them to be, sp you will not find these without looking at the keyboard.
  14. Hey Jon, thanks for the advice. I've already done that, but still I can't figure out how to trigger memories via MIDI. I went to setup > desk setup > and set midi notes to "memories" when i go to my memory stack and to the trigger setup, i can choose between Auto, Go, Real Time, SMPTE, Midi. But in Midi I can only enter a MIDI timecode and not a note-on or CC value. where have I gone wrong? the desk is a leap frog 48 with zerOS 7.4.0 installed.
  15. Hello, is there a way to use a MIDI note on signal (for example from a MIDI keyboard) for triggering submasters/memories? i cannot work with midi timecode on this one. but if i could trigger a memory or a submaster with a midi keyboard this would make my workflow so much more efficient.
  16. Hello everybody. Is there a way to copy scenes, memories, groups or palettes from one .isf file to another? Thanks. Johnny
  17. hrmph.. ok now i start blaming the keyboard as well. I just plugged in another keyboard just to make sure the desks usb port isn't broken and - tadaa! - it did work fine. still i would prefer a qwerty-layout keyboard. what kind of keyboards would you recommend are worth the money? i stumbled across this one on amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Konig-USB-Led-Multimedia-Keyboard/dp/B002Z2YS1I/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1350316719&sr=8-6 looks very neat especially with the LED illumination would make it a lot easier to work the desk with the light turned off. do you think the multimedia keys will mean trouble again?
  18. Hi Jon, I can't find that specific keyboard either. I ordered it from amazon.co.uk six months ago. I guess any low-priced USB-keyboard (less than 10 pounds) is basically manufactured the same. As I wrote above, the problem did not only occur with that speific keyboard either. Before, I had at least two different keyboards (one logitech, the other I can't remember) running with the desk and encountering the same problem from time to time. I then decided to try a keyboard with QWERTY layout. This is the one I am still using. But the problem doesn't seem to be connected to a single keyboard model. the keyboard has no multimedia keys or trackpad. just a plain keyboard with a numeric keypad.
  19. Hi Jon, I am using a no-name USB keyboard. The manufacturer is HiPoint and the model no is KBUSB-BLK. The cherry keyboard mentioned above has been removed. It works fine with a computer. However, I have noticed the same error with both keyboards (and the ones previously used, which were earlier replaced due to their german layout).
  20. Please, this is really driving me nuts.Just today, I only have two hours for programming, and I spend one hour just rebooting the desk over and over again. Please tell me that Zero88 is aware of this problem and is working to fix it.
  21. Pulling this one up... I am experiencing the same problem with OS 7.4.0 and a cherry USB keyboard. The desk is a LeapFrog 48. On startup the desk checks and says the coprocessors are fine. The keyboard is working only randomly. Since this is a new keyboard I hardly believe it's the keyboards fault. I've noticed this usually appears shortly after I removed and reinserted the USB storage device for backing up my shows. And, of course, everytime I am about to program a new show... Usually the problem will go away after a few days and a couple of reboots, but it's still very irritating. Anyone else with the same problem? Another observation made: When powering on the desk, the keyboards LED will light up (Num Lock, Caps Lock) and evidently work (You can turn on/off NumLock, for example). But as soon as ZerOS starts booting up, the LEDs will go out and the keyboard is not going to eact any further. So it is definitely something about the OS.
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