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  1. Well thankfully I figured it out on my own and it was a simple mistake. Because I was creating new profiles and I kept going back to make small changes I somehow along the way turned off the "special" tab to none instead of having it set for Pan or Tilt. I sincerely love this console and the only thing I wish is that it was a Bull Frog so I could control more movers. Although I actively use more current consoles on most shows (other manufacturers) I always enjoy getting the Fat Frog out and using it. if you get a chance I recommend it.
  2. I have just created a few new fixture profiles to use with my Fat Frog and for some reason they don't respond to the effects generator. All other functions seem to be fine and I have full control of the fixture except for that. I've gone through the fixture editor a few times and can't locate what I maybe doing wrong. I have created profiles before and not had this issue but admittedly it has been some time so I may have forgotten a simple step. Other fixtures that are already in the console work fine. I am running the latest version software. Any help would be appreciated before my show this weekend.
  3. I have a Fat Frog that only one of the two DMX outputs is working. The green status LED is on for both ports. I opened the console up but could not find any obvious wiring issues and the PCB looks fine. I went into the software and "reset"(can't remember exactly what that is called right now) the outputs but no change. Any suggestions? I just dont want to get into the situation where the one goes out and I dont have a backup. Thanks.
  4. OK, fairly new Fat Frog user here. I am running into a challenge when playing back scenes on submasters that contain moving lights. A little background first: I am running software 10.12,and the console is setup in Partial. When I program a static scene onto a submaster that includes a moving light it will play it back fine except it will not turn off when the submaster is lowered. I know that the attributes are programmed on LTP and intensity is HTP and I am fine with that but why wont it turn off. Any suggestions or expert advice would be awesome. Thanks Dan
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