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  1. Hello, Can anybody tell me, when ZerOS 8 will Start? It is very important for me to know this, cause i need the feature Pixel Mapping. I Am waiting for this release a long time ago now! When ZerOS 8 not start this year, i have to change my system from zero88 to another manufacturer. At the moment i use a frog2 system. Thanks for answers.
  2. I have two questions 1st: I want to use the UDK-keys for turning Movinglights to Different positions. For this i Record my Position Palette to a UDK. Than i Set htp on, Flash enabled and Release off. The Problem is, when i push the udk, the fixtures Flash to full for the Time i push the Button. Do anybody Know the Way to do it without Flash!? 2nd: I want to do a update, but no USB stick Works. I Try different USB Sticks but nothing happens. Do somebody Know an answer? Thank you for answering me
  3. Hello Jon, Our Leap Frog 48 also show this failure after updating OS to 6.1.0 18/2/2011. The Console Freeze when i push the "pgm win" button, and show a central X in the middle of our VGA Display. I have a debug file on my USB-Stick, so i can send it to you. Thanks, Andy
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