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  1. Well, this excursion into the world of DMX Intelligent lighting has gone a bit sour for me. The Jester outputs DMX too quickly for the Eurolite TS-5 lights. I have confirmation from the manufacturers of the Eurolite units that they cannot be made to work on the Jester board. Peter (see above) defended his product like a world class product manager - and clearly it's the fault of the Eurolite units for not handling the speed output of the Jester board. In my investigations I found that other DMX controllers have a programmable option to run DMX protocol at their full speed, or at a slower speed, but this option is not available on the Jester. I was also recommended to use a DMX regenerator, which is not a splitter (tried something that I could afford, it did not regnerate the DMX, but split and propagated it, and that did not work). The trouble with a DMX signal regenerator is that they are far from cheap, and I'd be pouring another £400+ into getting two £250 lights working. The Eurolites have lost and I will be selling them on Ebay soon. However this now makes me nervous about purchasing any other 250w DMX Scanners - so if you know for definite of a manufacturer who sells a DMX Scanner which works with the Jester please let me know. Thanks.
  2. Dear Jester users, I'm having just the hardest time getting any sense from my brand new, out of the box Jester. I have a Chauvet 48 channel desk which has developed amnesia and keeps forgetting important things, like what I just saved to it, so we have invested in a Jester. I unwrapped the Jester and plugged it in - I'm in manual mode, nothing at all fancy going on - I was just testing that the rig responded to the board in the correct way on 48 channel manual mode. We have a fairly simple DMX universe, which consists of Channel Device 1-6 6 channel dimmer 7-12 6 channel dimmer 13-18 6 channel dimmer 19-24 6 channel dimmer 25-29 Eurolite TS-5 Scanner 30-35 Eurolite TS-5 Scanner 36 DMX Switchbox 37-48 12 channel dimmer All works completely fine on the Chauvet, and all the dimmer packs work perfectly fine with the Jester except the scanners. On the Chauvet (and on other DMX boards) 1=X 2=Y 3=Colour 4=Gobo 5=Intensity However, on the Jester there is a change in behaviour. 1=X 2=Y 3=Colour 4=Gobo 5=Gobo 6=Intensity However, for stability, both channels 4 and 5 have to be in exactly in the same place. If they are not, the gobo oscillates between the two gobo's which are on Channels 4 and 5. Also there is no longer stability with the scanners; other channels changing cause the scanner to blip and wriggle a gobo or color or intensity. This happens with both scanners, and as a test I changed one of them to start on DMX number 1, and the fault followed. I have reconnected the Chauvet for a test as it works fine as a manual board, and all is correct. When I use the Jester I immediately get this behaviour. This problem makes no logical sense to me; DMX is DMX and these are not exotic scanners, so I wonder if there are some recommended actions I could take to further investigate this strange behaviour. Thanks, Steve.
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