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  1. Well, this excursion into the world of DMX Intelligent lighting has gone a bit sour for me. The Jester outputs DMX too quickly for the Eurolite TS-5 lights. I have confirmation from the manufacturers of the Eurolite units that they cannot be made to work on the Jester board. Peter (see above) defended his product like a world class product manager - and clearly it's the fault of the Eurolite units for not handling the speed output of the Jester board. In my investigations I found that other DMX controllers have a programmable option to run DMX protocol at their full speed, or at a slower
  2. Dear Jester users, I'm having just the hardest time getting any sense from my brand new, out of the box Jester. I have a Chauvet 48 channel desk which has developed amnesia and keeps forgetting important things, like what I just saved to it, so we have invested in a Jester. I unwrapped the Jester and plugged it in - I'm in manual mode, nothing at all fancy going on - I was just testing that the rig responded to the board in the correct way on 48 channel manual mode. We have a fairly simple DMX universe, which consists of Channel Device 1-6 6 channel dimmer 7-12
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