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  1. Jam11

    Dead faders when loading from phantom

    Thanks Jon that’s brilliant news! It seems like an obvious thing now you've pointed it out! I’d assumed the faders always defaulted to their equivalent DMX channel as they don’t need re-patching when the desk is reset (on the physical desk). Thanks again for your help!
  2. Jam11

    Dead faders when loading from phantom

    Thanks Jon, I should get a chance to email that over tomorrow afternoon.
  3. We're teaching using a Zero 88 Jester ML 24 software version 3.0 and having an issue when transferring a show from the Phantom Jester 3.1. Basically the outputs from the 24 faders will not work when a show originally saved on the phantom is loaded onto the desk. Everything else transfers without issue, fixtures and dmx patching works and the contents of submasters and memories are also fine. In fact the values for each fader will still show on the monitor as normal, values will increase and decrease for each fader on the display but there’s no communication with the dimmer rack. The only way to get the faders to output to the dimmer again is to reset the desk in setup (or load a show that was originally saved on the desk not the phantom). Has anyone else experienced this? Hopefully it’s an easy fix as we need our students to be able to work at home and load their shows onto the desk in college but I’m guessing it’s not a common fault, I’ve had a trawl through the forum and not seen anything similar mentioned. A couple of weeks ago I also tried emailing jester tech support without a reply as yet so any ideas will be much appreciated!

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