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  1. avolansky

    SW vs. strobo

    I was trying your library for superstrobe, problem is still there. But thanx for this library - I think it will be helpful in future. avolansky
  2. avolansky

    SW vs. strobo

    I control strobo via dimmers channel because in fix lib 13 I was not found equipment with one dimmer and one other feature (color, beamshape, position). If you know some suitable equipment for this strobo, please tell me and I try and I vill let you know. Thanks for interest of my problem. avolansky
  3. avolansky

    SW vs. strobo

    We have new strobope EUROLITE DMX superstrobe 2700 and desk Illusion 500 sw ML 1.7. I have some small problem. Strobo without DMX working properly. Strobo controled via desk working oddly. Strobo have 2 channels - flashrate and intensity, 13 flash/sec max. When I set both channels on 65% (for example) and I don't touch desk flashes are "in-periodically" - it's looking like very bad random. Intensity fluctuating also. One from some flashes missing ("strobo is tired and must rest") and later 2 flashes consecutive are faster ("strobo must reach what was skiped"). This error shows between 40 and 100 % of flashrate and all range of intensity. DIP SWITCH 50/60 Hz was OK - 50 Hz. Why am I writeing on illusionsupport?? I tryied control strobo via another desk (Pulsar Masterpiece 108) and strobo worked properly. Where is problem? 1) DMX version incompatibility (we know more version of DMX - 1986, 1990, 1998 standartised) or 2) Some "small thing" in setup? or 3) Small bug in SW? or 4) Strobo and Illusion desk are on different powers (different phases) - could it be source of problem? (but I think if DMX OUTs are isolated diffent powers cannot be problem) or 5) HTP versus LTP ? Problem is allways - in memories, on submasters, in program window. or 6) Another? Please can you help me? I don't know what I have to do. Sorry for my poor english avolansky
  4. avolansky

    How I can get colour channel on submaster?

    I need to change MORE parameters at the moment. In a moth we are going to have a concert and after that we are going to have a "discoparty". Can I get parameters on the wheels? I have 4 scaners. Can I get these scaners into GROUP 1 as follows : for example - on first wheel would be shutter, second colour, third gobos? When I press GROUP 1 it will appear window with all these specified parameters on one screen. I don't know way to do this. NOTE: dimmer and scan moves scenes will be on submasters. thanks for your answer.
  5. I have some questions about Illusion 500 (software ML 1.7) : 1) How can I obtain report (*.txt file with channels and their levels in memories) on ML version software? If I can't, why? or can I obtain it from *.isf file with some software on PC ? 2) I have programed memories with fixtures. If I change fixtures in desk setup will data (positions, beamshapes, colours... etc - values of DMX channels) stay unchanged or I wil have to program it again from beginning (I am aware of making small changes) ? Note: I want change ROBE SCAN 575XT (mode 2) for CLAYPAKY GOLDENSCAN 3 - 1200 HMI and for CLAYPAKY SUPERSCAN ZOOM - 1200 HMI. 3) When I am in EDIT LIVE (e.g. : scene 100) can I PREVIEW other scene (e.g. scene 50) ? NOTE: e.g.: I am making scene 101 editing by EDIT LIVE from scene 100. I have already changed position of scaners, color... etc and I need ROTO PRISM from scene 50 and I do not remember DMX value. Thanks for your answer...
  6. I have a problem. I work with Illusion 500 (ML 1.7). I need have colour channel of my fixtures on hand - online. I want change colours by submaster fader. For example: fixture colour channel have eight colour: WHITE, RED, YELLOW, PINK, GREEN, ORANGE, BLUE, MAGENTA. 100% divided by 8 is 12.5%. When I pull up fader to 12.5% I have RED, to 25% I have YELLOW, 37.5% I have PINk ... etc to MAGENTA. Analogous situation I need when I pull down fader (from MAGENTA to WHITE). I need continuously change colour by fader (by hand). Analogous situation I need with gobos, prism and others effects. How I have to do this effect?? Or what I have to change in settings of Illusion? Now, when I programing scene with fixtures, Brightness is on the fader and others effects (colour, gobos, prism....) are changing immediately (or in some time - given by desk setup). I need change colours by fader like brightness. thanks for answer.
  7. avolansky

    I can't load show saved in older version

    I used freshly formated diskette and upgrade was succesful in first try. My first question is always actual. thx.
  8. I have 2 problems about Illusion 500. 1) I downloaded softwares : 1 - Illusion rel. 7.5 - all desks and 2 - Illusion ML 1.7. I was upgrade my software (from ML 1.1) to 7.5. I have some shows saved on diskette in version ML 1.1. I insert diskette into floppy, load show, and nothing, diskete seems clear. My question is: Is it OK? (ML and not ML software problem?) 2) When I was trying upgrade software from release 7.5 to ML 1.7 - desk reads diskete and goes further in booting without upgrade. In second try of upgrade was the same situation. In next try I wanted "downgrade" back to ML 1.1 and desk wrote : System terminated. In next attemps to ML 1.1 the situation was the same as at upgrade to ML 1.7. What I have to do to upgrade to ML 1.7 in this situation (with operation software 7.5)? My hairs going to gray - today at 8:00 we are starting prepare new musical. PS: sorry for my poor english.

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