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  1. Robert Boyle

    Board freezes in Edit Live

    I have an Illusion 120 running v7.0 s/w. During a recent show we saw quite a few crashes during Edit Live when mousing into a field to change the value. This only happend in Edit Live. I was unable to reproduce the problem with version 5 s/w and got it again after re-installing v7. Seemed only to happen during mouse operation, at a guess about one operation in 20-30, enough to make us avoid using the mouse during dress and on show nights. Any ideas?
  2. Robert Boyle

    ASCII export, spreadsheets, ISF file format

    I think the most useful addition would be an offline editor and/or the ability to import and export from Excel. Even a very simple import/export format would be a real boon since simple macros could reformat the data for our own purposes. - r.

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