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  1. well 99 subcues are a lot... but as murphys law says.... it happens that you get on with x.5 and x.7. after that the producer get the great idea to do some more extra cues... and soon you run out of subcues where renumber would help thanks for the advice with the offline editor. But maybe it's also something for one of the next leapFrog updates?
  2. On the Ilusion 120 there was an option to renumber all memories. From time to time there are shows where the producer figures out, that he needs more extra cues between. And after a few extra cues I run into the problem that im already at x.99 so I can’t add any more. Is it possible to add the renumber option again back to the LeapFrog?
  3. On the on desk screen of the leap frog 48 the current cue is shown properly but for the next cue the description is not there. is this a bug ?
  4. Hi Jon Well right now - we couldn't reproduce it... i think we plugged the stick in before we entered the setup. It was a Sony 2 or 4 GB and before we used it for the OS update.The Stick was plugged in for about 20 sec. well maybe it was a real strange combination :-)
  5. Hi there I have recognized a strange behavior on LeapFrog 48 with OS 6. If you plug in a Memory stick for saving the show, the desk freezes and you can't do anything. if you unplug the stick, it works again... if you replug it, again it freezes and after some plug / unplugging finally i can save the show...
  6. Yes Wine works fine for mac together with the Zero88 tools for Windows.
  7. Hi Jon, Thanks for your answer. I thought that something like this is the reason But why are the buttons available on the LeapFrog there is just lost space and the problem that new users get lost on an empty screen. Can you try to add the support for more views to the LeapFrog soon? As far as I remember it’s a long requested feature. There is only one VGA output on the LeapFrog and if you use the palettes on a touch screen you have no other information in direct access. The macro is nice for general screen settings but it’s not working for fast overview / actions on a show. Thank
  8. Hello, I have got a question about the new release 6.0 and the new option on the LapFrog for desktop/views. There are the buttons on the display to change the desktop but how can I record a desktop / view or save it? On the ORB there is a syntax for this – I can’t find a way to get it work on the LeapFrog. But it would be usefull to work with it
  9. Hi Peter Do you have any information about the new version 6.0? Do you already know when it is going to be released? Greetings from snowy Switzerland Carl
  10. well - but for the full use of the leapfrog together with the iPhone - App it would be helpfully as my famous record button
  11. There seems to be a bug. If you loose the connection on the iPhone (switch off and back on the iPhone) the desk freezes and you have to reboot the desk. (LeapFrog48 5.4.0 - see also debug.dat debug.dat) On the iPhone remote I miss a record button. It would be great to record the output on a sub / memory.or make an update of an existing que.
  12. Great! I'm looking forward to download it :-)
  13. oh and a record button?!? that would also be nice for a next update of the remote.
  14. Hi Peter Thank you for your feedback. I am really wondering what new you are going to show us Again it’s important to me – I am very satisfied with all your work! Kind Regards, Carl
  15. Well - I hope, you are wrong... but sometimes I get the same feelings on the "focus" of the product life cycle. I really like the consoles from zero88. Right now there is the same OS under the new Desks (Frog2, LeapForg and ORB – all the same) only the "interface" is another. So it could be possible to activate features on each desk. But luckily we got the new desk version with lot of new features and bug fixes. So we are very happy right now. And who know... the next update is coming ;-) Thanks all of the Zero88 team for your work!
  16. Well on the LeapFrog 48 you only have 10 subs. You can't do a great show with conventional light and movinglight in a fast way. Sure you can program all before. But I need something to get a fast way to do nice Changes. With the palettes it is a good way. But if I have a scene on (C5, P5, B5). and in the next refrain I want to change position and colour (C8, P7, B5) I cant do it at the same time right now. I have to push two buttons (or 2 times the touchscreen). If I had a palette that records all informations (position, colour and beam) I just have to do one click. After the bridge I nee
  17. Is there a need for a quick "all in one" palette on the LeapFrog? Quick "all in one" palette for easy change of Colour, Beam, Position and maybe Effects - Yes - especially in live-mixing it's helpful - No - I can handle multiple changes of Colour, Beam and Position with no problem
  18. I miss one thing on the LeapFrog in live mixing. There is no way to change by one click all attributes: Colour, Beam, Position and maybe Effects. It would be much easier to do a medium-show with no time for complete programming. How it could work: There are the 4 types of palettes on the LeapFrog (Colour, Beam, Position and Effects). The simplest way is to create a "save as..." dialog where you can chose if you just want to save the usual settings or ALL settings on one palette. it could be visible with additional information after the number (C1 (CBP) = Colour 1 has Colour-, Beam- and Posi
  19. Hi Peter It's about standard dimmers. Now we had a little workshop and found out that if we switch off and on again, the subs are working normal. i can send you a file but i don't think that it will help, because there is no error after rebooting / reloading the show. to reproduce the error: i have a few dimmers (1@50, 2@50) on sub 1-1 and on sub 1-2 i have (1@70, 2 @66). Sub 1-1 is 100% on. If i fade in sub 1-2 all lights fade down and are controlled by the new sub 1-2. same if I re-raise the 1-1. Hope it helps you a little. It’s a LeapFrog 48 updated to latest release. Kind
  20. aditional information: when I switch the desk off and on again some of the submasters (that didn't work) are deleted.
  21. Hi there We have the first day of the new season. updated all our systems right before (and tested them!) :-) But... there are still some little bug's that we didn't find in our tests. We have the leapfrog 48 with 5.2.2. One of the biggest problems is with submasters. If I program a sub with a few channels and than have a second sub with some of them, the behavior is really strange. As soon as I fade up the second submaster (no 1 is still 100%) the lights get dark and the new scene is added. But the subs (brightness) should be HTP not LTP or is there something completely new in 5?
  22. Well with the new 5.1 Version there are also the little pictures of the gobos possible. How can I add them to the setting? I tried to edit the Ypco250pro a little more (get the right values for the colors and gobs... similar to the Ypco250 basic) but I can't chose the icons. is there a trick or can you do this if I prepare all for you? So you get a even nicer fixture-file for your library Thanks for little help Carl
  23. Is there a way to use more than one screen to see lot of informations? On a leapfrog if I use the palettes i have my touch screen completely in use. So i can’t see the memories, subs (ok they are on the sub-displays) but also very important – the output-window! If i can use a PC / laptop to view some of these informations it would be very helpful. Carl
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