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  1. Hi Edward, thanks for your quick reply! Good to know MSC only works for the Master Playback. Maybe it would be an interesting feature to support the cue list number parameter. At least for us it would be. But for nor MIDI Timecode solved my problem completely. I did work with MIDI Timecode yet so I did not thought about it when I tried to solve my problem. But could be an interesting approach for more of our productions. Thanks or the impulse. Midi Notes seem not to work in combination with our Show Control Software. I can set a Value for Velocity and Note # in the Software when using MIDI Notes. It seems to work fine for Note Off but Note On did not always trigger anything and often not the expected Fixture. I'm not sure where the Problem was in this setup. But as mentioned, MIDI Timecode solved our problem in a better way anyway. Veit
  2. Hi, I have a question about Midi Control of the Leapfrog/Solution again. With your help and a Software Update on my Desk I was able to Control the Cues of our show in the winter. Now I tried to do a bit more with Midi and experienced some problems. I send commands to the desk using Midi Show Control and had success to trigger Cues in Cue stack 0. Now I try to trigger Cues in other Cue Stacks but had no success. It always triggers the cue number I used in Cue Stack 0. The software I use to send the Midi messages Has several Options when I use Midi Show Control: Device ID: set to the Value set in zeros options Command Format: I used Lightning general (01 Hex) Command: Go (01 Hex) Q Number: The Cue I want to trigger Q List: I put in the number of the Cue List I want to use. Seems to have no effect it always triggered a Cue in Cue List 0 Q Path: I left empty but also tried to put in the number of the Cue List with no success How do I have to set the Options to trigger a Cue of another Cue List than Cue List 0 I also tried to set the Dimmer level of a single Fixture without success. Command: Set (06 Hex) Control Number: The number of the fixture I want to control Control Value: Value I want to set the fixtures dimmer to The Set command seemed to have no effect to the desk. Is it possible to control a single fixture on the LeapFrog with Midi at all? Is the Set command the right one for this purpose? I did not find any reference on supported Midi Commands for zeros. Does such a list exist? Regards Veit
  3. Hi, We are using our Solution in a differnt way so I'll give a brief Overview on it. We are hardly using the FX engine, so we did not have problems as described yet. We are a theater so usually we have a cue list and only use the Go button and the navigation in the cue List during a show. So in a show we only have a (non touch) Monitor connected to the console. When programming the show I usually also attach keyboard and mouse (primary for the keyboard). Entering names and Numbers(for programming) is much more comfortable with a keyboard than with the MFKs. I only use the MFKs for this if I make small changes later and don't want to attach the keyboard. In dialogs I don't use the MFKs at all but the arrow buttons. MFKs are primary used to pick fixtures and colous. So for me the change you suggested to remove functions of the MFKs would not be a cutback. Veit
  4. Hi, We use a Tascam US 16x08 controlled with a Software called Show Cue System. And what I forgot to say, we just updated to ZerOS because I read there would be MIDI Problems in previous versions. But the update did not change the behavior. Veit
  5. Hi Edward, We finally got our Midi card. But I have some problems using it. I was not able to trigger Cues with MIDI. I tried MSC and Midi timecode but nothing happened. I enabled MIDI TIMECODE and MSC in the input Output Settings and checkt divice ID and fps match. The Midi signal also seems to work. At least our audio console receives the signal. Is there any way to check if the Midi card works correct and if it receives Data? Veit
  6. Hi Edward, thanks for your reply. I already thought so, yust hoped I could implement it directly without additional components. But then I think I will get a MIDI Card for our next production. Veit
  7. Hi, I would like to trigger some of my CUEs from our show control software. Obviosly this would be possible over Midi with the Midi extension board. But I thought if there maybe is an other way, possibly over the network. Is there an API to controle the desk? Regards Veit
  8. Hi, I use a HTC Desire and a LeapFrog 48 and would like to try the ZerOs. Veit
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