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  1. Hello again, I have been playing with the Sound to Light function again. It appears that the mid-range frequency trigger is very sensitive and sometimes triggers another frequencies mainly the low. I thought it might be necessary to run the audio feed through an EQ or Gate before signaling the Illusion. I thought this might be necessary to get a more clearly separated frequency trigger. Any experience with this? Because a music playback has so many frequencies overlapping, the sound to light function doesn't look clear. What's the trick? Currently I am sending the Illusion an audio playback feed via an audio console which allows me to adjust the volume of the playback to the Illusion. It appears that I need to send the Illusion a strong signal to really get it to respond but then some frequency/channels are continuously lit. I adjusted the output of that frequency and I am down to below 05 to turn it off. Now I have no range in output. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Fredomatic
  2. fredomatic

    Aux Control Triggering

    Ahhh...I see. What devices are used to control the Illusion with this 8 pin DIN? What is the List price or estimated sale price in America of the Demux? Thanks, Fredo
  3. fredomatic

    Aux Control Triggering

    Hmmm. It would be helpful to be able to control non DMX devices, close relay contacts, ring door bells and functional things like that. Is it possible to alter the software to use the Aux buttons to output via the DIN connector? This would be a great addition to the Illusion system. Is this something Zero 88 can handle? Thanks, Fredomatic
  4. fredomatic

    Aux Control Triggering

    Hello Again, I am interested in using the Aux Control function to trigger a pair of Kodak carousel slide projectors. It's definetly a old technology situation. I can build the interconnetivity between my Illusion 120 and two projectors. It looks like I can send a burst of voltage or an on/off via the 8 pin DIN connector, right? I need to know what the output voltage of the Illusion is and possibly if any one has tried this before. Thanks, Fredomatic
  5. fredomatic

    For Immediate Release

    Frederick Wenzlaff has recently been awarded the 2002 Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for the lighting design of the production La Gioconda. A Zero 88 Illusion 120 console was used for design and playback of the rapid procession of highly stylized scenes and changes. "The console's smaller size made it a better fit for our theater without sacraficing performance". "Ultimately I chose the Illusion 120 console for it's many features, ease of programing, and purchase price." La Gioconda is essentialy a silent film for the stage with many different scene locals and highly choreographed movements. The lighting plays an intrical roll in directing the eye of the audience, facilitating smooth transitions and creating visual excitement. The 250 cues create for La Gioconda are played back in timed sequence with a digital audio track and video projections. La Gioconda is an original production created by The Collective Theater Company in wich Frederick is a founding member.
  6. fredomatic

    Is it Possible?

    Hello Folks, I would like to know if it is possible to send a midi signal to my Illusion 120 to trigger playback of a programed cue? How would this work as a remote triggering device? If midi will not work, how can I trigger my console remotely? Fredomatic :?

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