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  1. Hi, my floppy drive in the fat frog is not useable from one day to another. Its light goes on for a split second when I turn on the table. When I try to load or save it says there's no floppy. When I try to format its looks like it does start but stops at 2%, I don't think it is actualy doing something at all. I brought it to the dealer for repair and they changed it with a few other drives, which did not work. They put an external power on it with no results. They say that the mainboard is the cause and needs to be replaced. They have contacted the import firm in the Netherlands, but there a no new boards available. Now they advise me to buy a new computer. The computer is fine but I need to be able to save my shows. I really need some advise from someone who knows before spending a lot of money. Thanks.
  2. Hi On my Elara I want to use the B channels as 13-24 in the preset mode. That does not work using the wide button. Anybody any idea with chip could be damaged? Thanks, Ruud
  3. Hi All the red lights on my XLS are gone, so it's difficult to see what i'm doing. I've look through this forum to find an answer. You've given an answer on this problem To loopk at the batteries, and to remove the 63b05 AcAI.I've changed batterries but that did not help. I tried to find the 63b05 AcAI, but this is not on my board. Please help me. Ruud
  4. Hi thanks for youer quick answer. The problem is double : no output from 13- 24. I've set the patch back 1 to 1 by patching each of the channels seperate. And it works. I've changed the battery, on your advise from other forum members. The second problem is that the red led lights on the right don't work, so I can't see what I'm doing in the super user or chase or go-button. In another reply to another member you wrote : Second I would also try removing the 63b05 AcAI as this can stop the displays from working by dragging down the address lines and clock etc.. The problem is that I can't find a 63b05 ACAI on my board. Could it be another number on my board? Tnanx, ruud
  5. Hi From one day to another my lightmaster XLS doesn't give any dmx output to channel 13-24. Is there a simple answer to this? Thanks , Ruud
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