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    I deal with a lot of schools which own a frog desk. Many use out of date software. Very difficult to get them to upgrade as most computrs in schools don't have floppy drives anymore so I can't just e-mail them the software. A retrofit USB port would certainly help with this situation. If there is a poll on this question then COUNT ME IN!!! Bob:)
  2. Hi Paul, You are a legend. I have loaded V1.5 The timeing is now accurate. Customer will need to re- program the time for the chase. Occupational hazard! Is it worth giving the pot a value which is displayed on screen during programming? Maybe in the future? Thanks for your effort Regards. Bob.
  3. Love this desk. Following is a long story. It does have a point. The show requires specific channels to be triggered to a sound track. Lighting control is separate to audio. The cue is run as a chase with 995 steps. When the cue is operated in PROGRAM MODE with the speed control set to full all the steps sync accurately with the music track. Run time for the cue is 4 min : 35.61 sec. Approximately 277 milliseconds per step. When the cue is operated in RUN MODE with the speed control set to full the steps no longer sync with the music track. Run time for the cue is 4 min : 02.88 sec. This equates to an error of approximately 12%. I tried pressing the program button with the desired speed and it had no effect. ISSUES: 1. There is no indication in either PROGRAM or RUN MODE what value the speed control is set to. 2. There is no indication in RUN MODE what step number is active so there is no way of knowing where you are in the cue. 3. Further to point 2, there is no way to tell when to stop the cue. Is there a way to add a RUN ONCE command to the cue. 4. If there was an AUTO FOLLOW ON function it would be better to run this show as a series of cues which once triggered would simply follow on. This would allow for cue parameters such as fade/wait times to be recorded for each step. Anyone else had this problem?
  4. Pan / Tilt can be recorded as chases on the subs. Colour/Gobos can be programmed on the 24 Auxillarys. I hope this helps Bob 8)
  5. Hi K-nine I would like to join the growing list of interested people who are Beta testers. Would you please sign me up. I am desparate to try out version 10. :?
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