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  1. Hi Jon, Thanks for the profile - I'll give it a try! Best regards Kresten
  2. Hi all! I'm doing a show tomorrow where I'll be using 24 Jarag fixtures. Does anyone know if you can make a fixture profile for this fixture? I'll need 25 dimmer ch. and 6 'beamshape' parameters, can this be done? If not any thoughts on how to use this fixture - I cannot patch 744 dimmer ch. as there are not enough MFK's The fixture is described here: http://www.chromlech.fr/media/support/manuels/userguide_revD_full_eng.pdf Best regards Kresten
  3. Hi all, I'm having problems with one of my Spice 1210 dimmers and controlling it with DMX via Artnet. I have a LeapFrog96 sending Artnet to a ELC dmXLAN node8. This works great with all my moving heads and three other Spice 1210 dimmer blocks. However the on dimmer block will show the following in the LCD: DMX: 1 Temp: OK DATA ERROR Temp: OK DMX: INV Temp: OK After the last message it will go back to the first (DMX: 1/Temp: OK). Like I said three other dimmer blocks are recieving the same signal and have no problems with it. The dimmer block with the problem seems th have different firmware from the other three. It has a menu item to see the supply status, the other three do not have this menu item. The failing block has SN: 0130041 03******. When I connect the block directly to the LeapFrog's DMX output everything works fine. When I try to output data from an Swisson X-MT-120 DMX tester the dimmer block also fails. I'm guessing it has something to do with the update frequency of the DMX signal. And without pointing finger it seems the error is with the dimmer block :-) Have you heard of theis error before and is there a new/old firmware I can load to the dimmer instead? Thanks very much! Best regards Kresten Bager Scenelys
  4. Hi all, Just a random thought. Can the Fixture editor be ported to Linux to allow it to run on the desk (zOS type desks)? This would make tweaking the fixture profiles much easier. Best regards Kresten
  5. Hi all, A request: the Clay Paky Alpha Spot 700 HPE profile is missing, could you add this please? Also there is a Spot 700 but looking at the Clay Paky site there is no such fixture (only the wash, beam and spot HPE). Thanks very muck! Best regards, Kresten
  6. Hey All, Just to let you know, I've tested the Elo ET1746L and it works great with the LeapFrog 96! Take care, Kresten
  7. Hi Peter, Sounds great! I saw the RGB + virtual dimmer fixture but the ones I used were 4 ch. fixtures (R,G,B,intensity) I'll sign up for beta testing! Best regards Kresten
  8. Hey all, I did a show with 16 LED par cans. 1. There was no generic RGB+dimmer fixture so I created my own - no biggie - just takes a bit more preparation but would be nice to have as generic. 2. As far as I could tell the colour effect presets do not apply to RGB fixtures - could they be included or perhaps some new presets be made? See you at PLASA Best regards Kresten Bager
  9. Hey all, I tried the remote a few days ago and it works really well. I did think of a few things however: 1. Dragging a fader (scroll bar) on the PDA is kind of difficult. On Windows you can click on a scroll bar (outside the indicator) and it will jump . Would this be possible to implement on the remote? See attached screendump. (click where the red arrow is pointing) 2. The ability to edit a pallet would be great. This way you can fix any focus or position errors from stage. 3. A clear button to clear the command line (could be placed next to the range indicator). 4. A shortcut to the commandline e.g. an icon next to the range indicator (which by the way is a nice feature). Best regards Kresten
  10. Hey all, Sorry this is not much of a suggestion but rather a question: Is there a monitor support bracket for the Leapfrog 96 like there is for the Frog2 ? Best regards Kresten
  11. Hi again, My colleague tried the desk with version 3 and saw the same problem once during a job. I'll lookout out for any way of reproducing it. See you all. Kresten
  12. Hi all, What are the system requirements for a PDA to use the remote software? E.g. Windows Mobile 5/6, standard/professional, ram, cpu? Or are there any units you have tested that you can recommend? I guess having a big screen is an advantage? Best regards Kresten
  13. Hi all, Great job on the version 3 software - just testing it now. And now an idea: It would be nice to be able to space fixtures when patching. E.g. our movers use 28 DMX channels but I always patch them in 30 intervals - i.e. 100, 130, 160 and so on. So when specifying the universe and starting address it would be nice to be able to add 'spacing'. E.g. adding a spacing of 2 would solve my patching 'problem'. The spacing value should default to the number of channels the fixture uses - 28 and then the user can increase the number to 512-(start chan+spacing). Best regards Kresten
  14. Hey All, I'll try do the full update at some point. I don't think it's the preset mix mode as I've had the fader all the way from 0 % to 100 % several times. Best regards Kresten
  15. Hi all, I've observed on several occasions that a few of the preset faders have been unresponsive. When i raise the affected faders (usually 2 or 3) the output does not change. However all the other faders work fine. One minute they work - the next they don't so it is not a patch problem. I don't recall if the flash buttons worked - but I don't think so. Setting the desk to preset 1&2 (48) and then back to wide (98) seemed to solve the problem. The problem popped up a few (2-3) times but I cannot recall if the same preset faders were affected. On one occasion the thumb wheel was also affected and did not react to any user input. I used the latest SW version 2.? Best regards Kresten
  16. Hi all, I was trying to program a chase with the Intensity at 0 and NOT tagged - just with some movement. But when I ran the chase nothing was being outputted. I tried again with Smart Tag disabled and it worked - I got the movement without any Intensity. Is this by design, that Smart Tag will exclude any parameter of a fixture with 0 intensity? I thought the feature was more of an easy way to include untagged fixtures - say from a submaster. Thanks in advance, Best regards Kresten Bager
  17. Hi all, Peter - we briefly talked about the effect window from the Frog2 not being available in the Leap Frog48/96. I understand the need to differentiate these two products but prehaps a compromise can be reached :-) My idea: Implement a down-grade of the effect engine. Remove some of the options e.g. only include: - None - Sine - Step - Sawtooth Perhaps the effect could be reduced to only include the following parameters: - Intensity - Pan - Tilt - CMY - Colour wheel. Just some thoughts. Take care. Kresten Bager
  18. Hi Peter, Thanks for the swift reply (as always). I've tried to mail the debug.dat file to your mail twice - no luck. I've tried to post it here as a .dat, a .txt and a .jpg. None work - but if the crashes have been fixed then never mind. I'll update the desk next time I'm around. Regards, Kresten
  19. Hi all, Programming a submaster is easy if you are in the submaster window. If you are not a window appears where you can select memory or submaster and specify which one. In this window the MFKs change to a numerical keyboard. However it seems the "-" dash is missing. Thus it is not possible to type e.g. 2-4. Perhaps it is possible to make an easier way to program submasters - e.g. Press Record--> the window pops up --> press the desired submaster flash and presto a recorded submaster. Best regards Kresten
  20. Hi everyone, First post in the bugs forum - I'm so proud! Sorry on with business: Desk Leap96 SW: 4.1.36 27/7/2007 LNX 1. The LeapFrog 96 crashed today for one of my colleague. Black screen, no response what so ever. I don't know what he was doing but I've attached the debug file to this post. 2. If you program a submaster with a chase and wish to delete a step this is how I would do it: Goto the step field in the relevant submaster. Press [+]/[-] to select the appropriate step and press [delete]. A message pops up (are you sure). Select Yes but the step is not deleted. Btw. this works as expected on the phantom frog. 3. Sometimes the LCDs above the MFK are missing a pixel or two. It is as if the text is too long to fit the screen. Best regards Kresten
  21. Hey, Thanks for your swift reply. Can you tell me which drivers you have added so I have a 'plan B'. Thanks, Kresten
  22. Hi all, First off thanks for the Leap Frog 48 demo in Frankfurt - great to see the Frog range evolving. Second: Which external touch screens are supported (and tested)? Is it still only the 3M M150 and M170? I'm using the Frog 2 for a show in a weeks time and need to get a hold of some external screens. Thanks very much Best regards Kresten
  23. Kresten Bager

    Desk crash

    Hi all, I had a desk crash today. Can't recall how it came about but I don't think I was doing anything out of the ordinary. I have included the dat file and isf file for your viewing pleasure. Best regards Kresten Bager P.s. seems dat and isf files cannot be uploaded so they have been mailed to enquiries@zero88.com
  24. Hi all, I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature ;-) I guess the difference can be minute at times. Select a few movers, start an effect, e.g. a circle move the offset wheel, it will go 0...1...2...3... to 100 and back again but never 0...100 - great everything is fine still. Set the fan option to fan first, press the shift key and move the wheel and the value will neither increase or decrease. First bug. Set the fan option to fan middle or fan last and move the wheel. The value will go from 99...100...0...1...2 and also the other way 2...1...0...100...99. Second bug. But like I said I may have confused a clever feature for a bug. Best regards Kresten Bager
  25. Hi all, I too have had quite a few problems with the LCD touch screen. On one occation a thin black line appeared on the screen, the screen stopped responding and then the desk stopped responding. On another occation a grey bar covered the lower 1/3 of the screen. Again the screen stoppen and then the desk. Cpuld it be a problem with the screen driver? Best regards Kresten Bager
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