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  1. elli


    When is the next leapfrog software release due? cheers E
  2. on the illusion 500 is it possible to update a channel level in every memory instead of having to edit every mem eg a conductors special is too bright @75% i want to bring it down to 50% in every memory, can i do this without having to edit every memory
  3. if i have my show programmed and i edit a fixture ie mac500 is there an easy way to change this in the q before, eg cue 10 mac @255-255 pan and tilt lamp on edited cue 10 so mac @150-150 pandt with lamp on is there an easy way to put this into cue 9 as a move to position with lamp off without going into edit and slightly adjusting all parameters as i do at the mo, it takes forevvvvvvveeeerrr!!!
  4. when i assign scrollers they only appear in the fixtures window when colour is selected, which is understanable but annoying as you cant see them in any other screen, am i doing something wrong. is it possible to lable fixtures so they appear on the screen all the time. i know you can right click to see all info but it would be nice to have text above or below each fixture.
  5. how do i get my keyboard on the fat and bull frog working. the 0 key and others never seem to work
  6. elli

    dmx universe

    thanks i get it now
  7. elli

    dmx universe

    does that mean that i can patch another channel to B 123 eg does it increase the desk from 96 channels to 192 channels? if not I don't understand the use of it, HELP!!!!
  8. on the bull frog i have two dmx universes A & B. i have only used A but how could and why would i use B. I don't get it
  9. I know you can lock a pallet with the F button but this still requires two hands. when I do a live band etc I like to manually flash in time to the beats which requires at least 1 hand, if the pallets could be locked with a double click of the selected pallet button and released by a single click or click another pallet it would be FANTASTIC!!!!
  10. can I link the frog desk to my lap top :roll: and if so what cable do i need
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