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  1. Jude


    As floppy disks seem to be being replaced, it would be useful to have a USB port so that people with phantom frog on their laptops can save a show onto a pen drive (or something like it) and load it to the desk. Just a suggestion. Thanks
  2. Thankyou, Well actually I didn't take it off... left that to our superviser, and he did take off the tamperproof plate and nothing else, -I just couldn't remember what it was called! The manual wasn't very clear on what you're meant to do when you've got the pannel off, hence my question. but thank you very much anyway
  3. I'm a pupil at a school and we've just had 4 Betapack 2's fitted and this is the first time we've used them (we've been using 2 before and linking them up with one cable and that has been working fine) When we came to testing and pointing our lights we realised that when we put up channel 1 on the desk, the lanterns plugged into the first dimmer on each rack came on rather than just the lanterns in dimmer 1 on the first rack, which we might idly hope for. I've asked a friend who didn't know much about it but said that the problem is (hopefully) that our betapacks have the wrong programming somewhere and that we should look for a set of about 8 little switches which can be set to 1 or 0 that set up a binary number which tells it which number channel on the desk it starts at & they will all have been set up to 1 as default so what we need to do is change them so that they start at 1, 7, 13 etc So I went and had a look and took off a panel and couldn't find anything like 8 switches, there were two circles that had the numbers 1-8 on them I think -is this what he is talking about and what should I do with them, our technical rehearsal is on saturday 8O Thank you!!!!!
  4. thank you all for the advice, Phantom frog is much fun and fairly useful. And the manual actually clearer than I thought! and all the tutorials are great! Thank you
  5. ooo I'm intested... (also 16) and depending on dates there are a couple of others too!
  6. I do LX at school, and until reacently we've been using 2 boards -an Ancient analogue board for most things and a frog for special effects, however at the end of last term our analogue board decided that it wouldn't work anymore (it's been wobbly for ages) so we decided to try to go through the next year using just a digital, and, we thought, since it was there we might as well use some of the "fancy bits" that come with it. So we dug out the manual and tried to figue out how to mak it work (other than manually!) but because the manual we have is written for all frogs, it isn't very easy to follow or understand. Is there an altenative manual for it? and if not how do you program it? -I'm sorry I can't give any further details but it's at school and I'm at home for the time being. Thanks
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