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  1. Thanks all for the tips. I finally got a chance to change the fixture personality and I achieved exactly what I was looking for. Don't know how I overlooked that before. Jeff
  2. Finally got a chance last month to test the inbuilt test mode. Very cool. Hopefully I don't have to call on it again, but it is reassuring to know of it if I do. (The button has not stuck again since that one time and has seen dozens of uses since.) Thanks again, Jeff
  3. No trouble loading 10 on a Fat Frog I worked with. We stay current and haven't had any installation problems of any version, that I know of.
  4. Too often during a show I roll the beamshape wheel to the values for reset or lamp off and put the Mac 250's out of commission for 30 seconds to 7 minutes. Can I eliminate a rolling the wheel beyond a certain level somehow, but yet access it when I have intentionally want to? Thanks, Jeff
  5. Thank you for the responses. I'll note that with the Macs, it appeared as though nothing was happening since they are not fast fixtures. If I had moving mirror or newer heads I probably would have figured it out faster. I must say that the board is very clean so I can't imagine food, water or dirt causing the problem but it must have been something. I'm not concerned so much now though as Keith's suggestion is bound to be very helpful. This newbie thanks you. Jeff
  6. Being a rather amateur operator of a Fat Frog, my troubleshooting wasn't as fast as some others probably when our 12 Mac 250's seemed to stop responding to Frog commands. It wasn't until after we reloaded a saved show, powered off the console and fixtures several times, reloaded the OS and ready to give up on the moving lighting for the night, that I found that the Home button was stuck. I even pressed the Home button during troubleshooting but didn't feel the slight difference in resistance. We pressed the button and shifted it and it popped back up problem free for the rest of the night. My question is....without being through the experience, is there something I could have noticed (ie. on the LCD or external monitor) to indicate the home button is depressed--since there is no indicator light for the button? Also, are there any other buttons without indicator lights that could get stuck and put me in a similar position? Thanks for the help!! Jeff
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