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  1. I think it should show the longest up and the longest down time so if the cue contains a slow colour fade and a slow dimmer fade then it would show the colour. I think that this is important not to show just the dimmer as when using LEDs and want to cross fade from Red to Blue, this will be shown even if there is no dimmer change. As a second idea, each bar could be split into two, one for dimmer up (Green) and one for longest Attribute fade (Blue) on the UP times. The DOWN times could show dimmer down (red) and longest Atribute (Blue again?). So would 'time points/markers' be able to be shown on the bar? Maybe to much info if all the secs and mins were shown but maybe 25% compleate, 50% compleate, 75% etc.
  2. Thank you but I would like to see the colour for example change as I press the + key or the pan to pan round as I press the + button. Its ok if you know what percent you want the colour or pan, but to see the output live as the number goes up using the + key would be fab.
  3. This one is not a big problem but when you are in say the output window and you want to record a mem, the box comes up to show/ask what mem number, but there are no * to show the programmed mems.
  4. As you can tell by the many posts, I have had time to play with our frog 96. When setting the speed and fade up or step etc on the chase setup menu the chase will not speed up until you come out of the chase setup window, this can be a pain if you are trying to match the speed to a track. (I was running the beta version but I am sure that the same thing happens in normal software update??)
  5. It seems to me that at time the +/- keys are the wrong way around. ie on the drop down menus in say the setup window. Maybe this is to follow the logic of somthing else?
  6. I really like the progress bar (usefull when speading up and slowing down mems). I would like it if there was more details such as % compleate or even the time shown on the bar in incruments so that you can use the override to greater effect. Also some dark blue coloured desks on the market have a two way progress bar which I like as it shows up AND down times during a crossfade.
  7. I like the fact that you can change the attribute levels in the PGM window however the output level is not sent to the fixture until the enter is pressed once or twice. It may be of use to be able to see what is being outputted whilst pressing the +/- keys. Also if the attribute level is at 0 and you want 100% you have to go all the way up, you can't cheat and go down to 100%. Is there a reason for this as you can in some other windows.
  8. This is welcome news! So I guess that I could plot the switch function into the memory stack. Whic will be good for controlling switched effects into the performance whilst keeping live power to the Macs etc. And I guess I could make a fixture profile where by some of the relay switches are on the dimmer section so that I can GMaster them out. All good news!!! RW
  9. Hi. I have just been asked if the Leapfrog 96 can select which channels to black out and which channels to keep live. We are having a new theatre built and the need has arisen where by our non dims need to be controlled from the control room via a switch pack located in our dimmer room without the need for running an extra system and control unit. If we take the grand master down it will take out the switch pack, useful for the likes of egg strobes and uv but not so good for the likes of mac 500s. It would be good (for me at least!) to select certain DMX adresses which switch on and off from the MFKs and ignor the 'grand master' and 'blackout' function. Would this be useful for anyone else? Is there a way of doing this anyway? Many Thanks... RW
  10. I agree about how important a monitor is. I always use to use a leapfrog where a monitor was an option. When we first took delivery of our new leapfrog 96 I thought we had a doddgy desk as I wanted to up date the software first of all, but it wouldn't as has happened to Bob above. It was only when we had tried everything else (apart from having to read the manual which we did not have at that time) that we hooked up a monitor, and read the messages being displayed! All was grand after that. Maybe the updates could be done without a monitor, so all important messages would be displayed on the LCD and the monitor. I guess this would help hire companies?
  11. Hi. New frog 96 is with me, however, the desk lcd screens have some minor probs which I want to confirm will not get any worse. The first defect is that the main lcd has some tidy blobs within the layers of film over the lcd. They are small and dont look too bad when the desk is lit up. The other problem is that the very top row of MFKs has a small 'blob' within the LCD screen itself. I did wait a few days before reporting as it may have needed to dry out or settle down, however a few weeks have passed and it is still there. It looks although a snail has crossed over it! Hope you can advise. RW.
  12. Hi. Just got our brand new Leapfrog 96 with a flightcase but was more than a little upset that the flightcase was so scratched and beaten up. Maybe a box for the flightcase would be goog? (ours was only wrapped in cling film!) I understand that flightcases are ment to be bashed around to a degree when in use, however ours is hardly going to moved from our brand new performing arts theatre at Harlow College. I also understand that we could have returned it as damaged however I was off on holiday when it arrived, and as so it was a week or so before I picked it up. So a cardboard box may be a good feature?
  13. Hi there o' helpfull web forum... I have a small problem of a Level 6 (6ch analouge control desk) not working. I have an alpha pack and small lighting rig set up in one of our drama rehearsal rooms with the level 6 conected thru a short cable to the alpha pack dimmer. The system was set up fine about 12 or 18 months ago and all has been fine. The trouble is that the desk no longer works i.e. the power light will not light and the desk can't control the dimmer. I have tried the desk in a diffrent alpha pack and still no joy. The cable has been swaped as well but nothing seems to work. I have opened the desk to find no loose cables or anything obvious. The main cause of the problem I guess is that the system is left powered up nearley all the time by the students and staff who use it. Could this be the problem or could one of our lovley students tampered with somthing? everything looks ok though. (the electricians put the sockets in a difficult position so they get left switched on, sometimes for days/weeks.) Many thanks for your help
  14. Thank you Paul. I have tried lots of diffrent disks with no joy. I have now contacted zero 88 service dpt and they confirmed a possible fault with the disk drive. Desk now with the very nice people at Stage Electrics and they are fixing the problem (maybe just the control ribbon to the disk drive.) So all being well, the desk will be fixed (or replaced) soon, and we can continue to teach our students why it is so important to always buy zero 88 products! (oh, and how to act, dance and sing come to think of it! :wink: )
  15. ? 8O ? "The problem is that the macs are powered from plug sockets in the rigging that are on dimmers" Who installed your lighting system!? I am amazed that your Macs, dimmers, local electric power station are all still working!! 8O I know it has been a while now, so is it all now resolved?
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