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  1. jax

    It's here!

    Our new Fat Frog has come in this week. Our youth room is just about finished. I've been reading the manual for months but it's much different when you have the board in front of you. I think we made a great choice even though we may not have a large lighting rig and we have no intelligent lights (someday). I'm hoping my youth team (who has been learning how to use the Express in our main auditorium) find the concepts easy. I've never used this board, but I'll probably get it pretty quickly. I've been following these forums for a while and noticed there are several little (and some big) new things in the new software. Would it be better for me to load the new software and then learn the board? Should I learn it with its current software and then see what's changed?
  2. I'd find a home for them sp I could find a home for them and drive down there to pick them up (the cost of gas would probably be greater than the cost of shipping, though).
  3. jax

    New Desk

    And as far as I know, that's the same as a GrandMA has. sp You can get 4,096 channels of DMX out of [a GrandMA] by using the DMX ports as well as ethernet.
  4. Well, I only have Macs here at home so I can't run the Phantom Frog software. I'll probably end up putting it on one of the PC's in the lighting booth so I can play with it in some spare time (or during the run-through, that works too).
  5. Hi. I am a high school student who does lighting at a church in St. Louis, MO. We are building a new youth room and have just decided on using the Fat Frog as the lighting console. I have downloaded the manual and am reading it. However, I can't make anything out on the pictures in the manual Zero88 has on their site. I'd like to get a feel for how the console works and the layout of the buttons before I actually have a chance to use it. Could someone could point me in the direction of some high-res pictures of the console or post some? I also wouldn't mind seeing Frog 2 pictures so I could see how that works. In my free time, I just read manuals to lighting equipment (I really should find a less expensive hobby).
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