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  1. Paul_LX

    Riggers remote

    Hi guys i was wondering if any of the current products have the same use as the linebacker in that its a riggers remote, and a portable "go" button for the theatre stack on the desks. Basicly in one unit i want the ideas of the Debug and the lineback in one.....any ideas?
  2. cheers is this the same with moving lights?
  3. Hi i may be wrong here but ill have a go....im an avo user more than anything but am using a fat frod in the stack and once you have programed a scene and you want to adapt it on the avo desk if you push up the fader of light you want to get rid of and then push it down and it clears it from that program and you just re-program that cue.....really helpfull idea. And the same with the fixtures. As i said i may be wrong and could have missed something on the desk but if not some really handy ideas
  4. cheers i was having a funny 5 minutes, that saved me thanks again guys (it was the grand master)
  5. My Fat frog has suddenly created a problem that only the brightness wheel is not changin the parameter. If i use the same wheel in colour etc it works fine but the brightness will not change , any fixture and its the same. Even home position brightness doesnt change from 0% any ideas??
  6. hi just a question the TAS ultra mini scan in the library is the the mini scan or the mini scan 2?
  7. Here is the DMX addressing from the unit hope this helps
  8. hiya guys of zero88, is there a personality file for the ACME fantasy hanging around?
  9. Hiya cheers for the reply, this is all i have at the moment i hope this helps The website for the company is http://www.amy-stage.com Channel functions: CH1: X axis 540, CH2: Y axis 270, CH3: Strobe, CH4: color, CH5: color iris, CH6: gobo+gobo streamline, CH7: gobo self-rotation, CH8: color iris reverse and positive, CH9: gobo self-rotating reverse and positive, CH10: X axis 16 Bit, CH11: Y axis 16 Bit CH12: X, Y axis speed adjustment, CH13: reset (by controller) Version 9channels Ch 1: Pan Ch 2: Pan Fine Ch 3: Tilt Ch 4: Tilt Fine Ch 5: Shutter or dimmer Ch 6: Color Ch 7: Gobo Selection Ch 8: Gobo Rotate Ch 9: Reset by Controller
  10. Hi have been looking into some surepro moving heads (SP880) and was wondering if you had any fixtures personalities for these heads or can make them
  11. hiya guys i havent posted on here yet but i thought my first should be to ask if there is Z88 merchandise avaliable, at my venue we use alot of Z88 gear and a t-shirt or two wouldnt go a miss
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