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  1. Hi guys! We have had, for a good few years, a Sirius 24. With this, we have used an un-branded XLR desk lamp. This used to work fine with the Sirius. However, we now have a fatfrog. When the lamp is plugged, in flickers a bit, then goes off and reboots the desk. The desk does not come on when the desk reboots. If the plug is not pushed fully in, the lamp sometimes works, sometimes without rebooting the desk; but sometimes doesnt work at all. Is the pinout of the Sirius lamp socket different from the fatfrog? Is there anything else that could cause this behaviour? Or is it a dodgy solde
  2. Yep, I run it dual head, across 2 15in LCDs. IMHO, its definitely worth it, especally if you use the Bullfrog.
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