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  1. Yep - lol, Realised that at about 11pm on Sunday night when I first started getting the scanners added and each new memory wiped them out again! That realisation was where my original question came from as to how to remove the fixtures as quickly as possible having changed the desk to partial. Used Phantom Frog to wipe them offline by editing each memory and untagging them. All is good now!
  2. Once again - many thanks for the help. Partial mode with untagged fixtures worked fine, and despite having to run the scanners live the show went relatively smoothly after that. Just got to set up some pallates before tonight to make colour and beamshape switching a bit more controlled and all will be well. Cheers all!
  3. Many thanks for that - I think that setting the desk to partial and untagging all the fixtures in every memory will achieve what I need. The brightness attribute isn't an issue as the scanners are essentially a disco setup using Abstract Futurescan IIIs and so the output is controlled purely by beamshape with no brightness control. And many thanks to whoever decided that the Fat Frog was worthy of an offline editor! Phantom Frog might just enable me to get it done in time!
  4. Hi there - hope someone may be able to help, Running a show using Fat Frog to control generics and 8 scanners (throughout this please bear in mind I first met the Frog for the first time less than 10 days ago with an amateur company who get 3 hours a night in their space and we are now at opening night!). Decided that doing all the generics first seemed like a good idea, programmed them into the memory stack during the tech whilst trying out various bits of stuff with the scanners - all looked fine. I was in full mode whilst programming and so as a result I now have random scanner levels programmed throughout my show. (I realise this was a bad plan - I will be correcting the error next time I do anything!) However I can find a way to manually edit the dmx levels for memories for the 48 generics through the desk interface but not the levels for the fixture data recorded in a memory. Is there any way to access this or do I need to bring up each individual memory in turn, zero out the levels and overwrite it? As I have about an hour tonight before we open to make the changes I doubt I'd get that done in time and so if not I'll have to forego the scanners and solve my problem by unplugging them! Also - if the levels are all at zero and I change the desk to partial mode and HTP for the fixtures, that should allow me to run the scanners separately (through a combination of live running and submasters) without the memories in the stack affecting their operation - correct? Love the desk by the way - just a lot to learn in a short space of time! Thanks in advance
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