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  1. Visironer

    Add Fixture using USB on Phantom

    Thanks for your fast answer Havn't seen the setting menu ! Sorry -> works fine ! You can perhap's confirm that i can't use MACRO (fixture editor) with a Jester 24 ml ?! Regards
  2. Hi, Trying to Add a "Home made fixture" in the Phantom Jester using a usb key...does'nt work ! Screen just say "no file found" Any way to use our "home made fixture" in the Phantom Jester (v3.1) Tkx Best Regards
  3. Visironer

    Oxo light

    And how fast can the chase be on the ml24 ! Cause in the maximum "chasing time" it is not flashing, just a little low !!
  4. Visironer

    Oxo light

    Do exist some Oxo fixture library? I have oXo funstrip Dmx and MULTIbeamLEDZoom to run Thanks
  5. Hi, I will try to do my best in english to be comprehensible ! I Just wanted to know if we can assign master fader to a value of a fixture, and then when moving this master fader move the parameter...try to explain better : I have a led par with 6 parameters 1.Red 2.Green 3.Blue 4.Strobe 5.Master 6.Auto.Mode My light don't exist in the zero bank, so i created a fixture in the Fixture Type Editor. I want to controle the dimmer of the "RED" side light on Submaster1, with the possibilitie to fade in and out " " "G" " 2 " " " "B" " 3. " So that i can have an easy live contrôle make some corrections of intensity, and color without having to select the concerned fixtures, go to the parameter and wheeling... Is this possible ?? It's good working when the dmx parmeters of my led par was on the preset faders (put the fader of the red color dmx channel at 100%, record it to sub1, then sub one fader work like a real value fader) But when i put the fixture "color option" on a sub1, the master just reacted like a latch flash !!! So finally just wanted to know what is really possible to contôle with submasters faders of the ml24...is it only working as a "memory" ruuner when programming with fixtures ? Thanks a lot for your answer Best Regards from Françe

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