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    Eh, so ive gone to a fresh memory, held in the MEM TYPE button and then i have pushed up the faders i want and then pressed program, then it came up with the next step (2) and i pushed up some other faders BUT: 1) It doesnt seem to show the steps on the cue stack (Playback) ie 27 27.1 27.2 2)I cant see the "Shots" attribute like it says in the manual 3)if i hit finish, then start the chase (Pressing GO from the que before) it does nothing Help? Also how do i make a chase go automatically? as in i hit go and then it automatically plays through steps 20 20.1 What am i doing wrong? KNine? Anyone?
  2. Frog Genius


    Above post edited to include more information.
  3. Frog Genius

    help with intelligent lights/Bullfrog

    yeah, i have this porblem with scrollers too. 1.Lights Down on prev scene 2.Change scrollers During B/O -Program the current memory again -Use edit button to switch out lights but not move scrollers -Move scrollers to new position 3.Lights Up It does take a long time so something to make it easier will be much apprecitated
  4. Frog Genius

    Frog + Mac250s

    When i hit home, the Macs set themselves to 3 rotating gobos, and i cant seem to stop the gobos rotoating. Also sometimes i move the wheel left the fixture turns left, sometimes i turn the wheel left it goes right and then when i try once more it goes left. Its odd, it only goes the way i want it to some of the time. Ive looked at the Mac manual and the from one, but unless ive missed something i cant understand why. I want to use the fixtures for a show on sunday (2 days). Can anyone help
  5. Frog Genius

    Spare Parts

    yup, were ordering Follows, and Gaffa from them, ill add it to my shopping list (along with Bio-Hazzard tape) 8)
  6. Frog Genius

    Spare Parts

    who/how can I get a replacement fader cap? The rubber bit came of Submaster 12, and I am looking for a new one.
  7. Frog Genius

    Images in Signatures

    Is mine ok? I took it from your website.
  8. Frog Genius

    Zero 88 Wallpapers

    They're mreally good!
  9. Frog Genius

    Chases on Submasters

    wonderful peter thanks!
  10. Frog Genius

    Chases on Submasters

    Is it possible for me to put a chase on a submaster and when i put it it it will keep looping? Sorry but i dont understand the manual here? And if so how do I make it loop?
  11. Frog Genius

    Confusion for Theatre people..

    Ive got to say I can work it very well, and im 13. Does this tell you something? BTW does anyone else miss the green of the old forums? -we should have it back, its not as hard/tiring to look at!
  12. Frog Genius

    Lock Function

    I have this problem too. I think all your ideas when put together represent a do-able and practical solution. [OFF TOPIC] Also - is there a way to set the desk up so when the"pubescent grown ups" (as Haytech calls them) touch any button it would sent the lights all on at full or all completely out - not an answer to any of our problems -but a good embarrasing way to teach them not to fiddle with it during assembley. And we might get an insight as to who pulled the fader knob (the rubber bit) of submaster 11 - well i think its number 11. (BUSTED) lol Thanks
  13. Frog Genius

    Mexican Wave with lights

    well, we used to do this sort of thing at the end of the panto on our strand GSX but can you do it on a frog, and if so how Thanks GOGS
  14. Frog Genius

    Mexican Wave with lights

    Errm Drive to cross fade??? Could you do it with automatic (timed play so i dont have to hit GO a hundred times - i know i sound like a toddler needing to be walked through but i would really appreciate it> thanks again GOGS
  15. Not being rude but I think he said FatFrog, but you might mean that. There is the FROG function - the FatFrog works with Scrollers/Colour changers, its easy to use - and remember (and some of the lx guys at my school are pretty thick)(<<not me). There is also a PlaybackX- you can add in any channels you like while you are "playing Back". There is a chase mode and a kindof standard mode(cant remember what its called) for programming but as with the frog only one playback mode. However you can play cues using presets A and B aswell. Wait for the info to come flooding in- oh and welcome to the forums, I hope you find them helpful and informative! GOGS
  16. Frog Genius


    i am happy with it as it is, my school would have to buy usb memory sticks if you did!
  17. well said K-Nine - also many chatrooms ( unless made specifically private are open to all, not very useful for lighting needs really? indeed many are full of hackers. as has been said it is probably easier to post a topic here because if there is no one on the chatroom you will have to continually visit until there is someone there where as if you post on the forum it can be moderated and viewed at any time. then you only have to visit twice, once to post the thread and once to read all the helpful replies!
  18. Frog Genius

    Mambo Frog

    Erm, is the mambo frog actually a board or what because in the brochure it says it doesnt have any faders? :? :? :? Also where in the list does it go, If it starts FatFrog, Leapfrog, BullFrog etc
  19. Frog Genius

    Mambo Frog

    <<< you mean coz of all my stupid questions, all the topics gettin locked?? - its not my fault i dont understand stuff?
  20. Frog Genius

    Photos, Pictures, Avatars

    erm i would post this in your thing about posting Pictures but you locked it so here goes Why cant i post that picure/make it my avatar- Strange i no but im a lot younger than you think so it would be suitable also i wouldt have to *Theoretically* pay p kirkup xp for the webhosting of the one i have. [/img]
  21. Frog Genius

    Photos, Pictures, Avatars

    well, there seem to be a few of these posts - including my one, that ask things like this, perhaps it is time for a "Beginers Manual" where we gather up all the posts like this one and and put them and there replys (with some editing) into a manual for beginers who dont understand all the technical speak so that the newbies can understand it. All the baby frogs! But i cant find the Babyfrog photo to post Moderation: Topic split and moved to Forum Issues
  22. Frog Genius

    Chop a Frog

    Wow where do they get all that stuff?
  23. Frog Genius

    Irritating background refresh issue with front panel

    doesnt do it with my windows xp professional-
  24. Frog Genius

    New Support Forum?

    yes i am, i also type the old address more readily
  25. Frog Genius

    Visualisation (and getting DMX out of Phantom Frog)

    ^^^ that would be great^^^ especially if it was free

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