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  1. First thing make sure the IP adress on your PC is set to something like then on the frog 2 Transmit Arnet: yes Network Switch: 2 subnet: 0 universe 1: 0 Univesre 2: 1 Universe 3: 2 universe 4: 3 You may have to change the networkswitch from 2 to 10 and back again to force it to take. regards Richard A.C.T. Lighting inc
  2. i need to know how to trigger cues from a mambo frog using midi from an etc console. the manual is very vague on this subject Thank you never mind i found the release notes thanks folks
  3. richard@act

    Next Button

    Some things I noticed while testing the frog 2. 1: Is there a next button that can be used to control individual fixtures once I have selected a group of fixtures. 2: When storing anything the the UDF's or UDK's are the LEDs' supposed to light up. I find my self hunting to remember what udk or udf i stored something to. 3: Along the same lines is it possible to have an led stay on the most recenly selected playback, that would indicate the one I am currently working on. Thanks guys
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