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  1. AB lighting

    Upgrade Kit

    Thanks Peter Just for your information I only received an email today saying you had replied to my question. Obviously you replied the day I asked the question but just thought I would let you know there was quite a delay on the response email. I am not sure if it is relevant but I was on your website today and maybe that prompted it don't really see how though. Anyway as you can probably guess if I was in a rush for the response I would have checked back sooner. Cheers Andy
  2. AB lighting

    Upgrade Kit

    I have seen a download for fitting instructions for the Leap frog 48/96 midi Upgrade kit. I however cannot find any information on what functionality this upgrade will give and what is included if this information is available on the website could you please send a link if not could you tell me what this upgrade kit would give me. If I purchase it does it include the upgrade from 2 to 4 Universes of DMX alternatively if I installed this upgrade is there still room for me to add the universe upgrade kit too. Thanks for your time AB Lighting
  3. AB lighting

    Crash on Turn Into Chase

    Please help me I am trying to record a chase but my desk keeps crashing as soon as I click "Turn into Chase" I have tried reducing the size of the chase and recording it to a different cue No. but it won't work Why does the desk crash and is there anyway round this I have attached the debug file and the show file hope it helps. has anyone else had these problems? regards Andy Bird AB Lighting debug.dat CHESS_3.isf
  4. AB lighting

    Crash on Turn Into Chase

    With version 3.0 I am having a problem in that when trying to turn a static scene memory into a chase as soon as you click on turn into a chase the desk locks up and the screen goes blank. I have tried this several times and the same thing happens every time. This needs to be resolved ASAP as this renders the desk useless for many productions and I cant wait a few months for another software release please help. I had high hopes for this software release but still experiencing other bugs too still in copying cues and certain cue No.s dont seem to like being recorded on as soon as I change the no. the cue is recorded as I would like. Please Help
  5. AB lighting

    Software V 3.0

    Hi I am in a show week with the leap frog 96 I am scared to update software incase it goes worng and I loose the show or the desk. I have backed up the show do you advise to wait until end of the week os should it be ok. I just think it may be a good opertunity to test the new software. I couldn't find the noted to say what has been updated on the software where can I find this. Also does the PDA software only run when V3.0 is in the desk. Are there any release notes for setting up PDA remote I have downloaded software to my PDA just got to connect to my desk now. Cheers AB Lighting
  6. AB lighting

    Leap Frog 96 Bugs

    Thank you for your possitive reply, I have always programed with smart tag on so this should not be causing any problems. I will send you an email soon with any other questions I have and I will look back to see what show files I still have. We are running a generic rig this week with the desk and we are running a small show next week with about 14 Mac 700's and TW1's so will let you know on our progress. With the submasters, particularly when using like a smoke machine or 2. I alwys record it Live, Normally im setting up the desk last min before a tech run and having to run the smoke machines live tends to annoy a lot of people and if you could just click on the sub in the sub screen then have an option of what to transfer in be it channel or memory etc I personally would find this easier and quicker than doing it the other way round, Thinking about it now maybe I could record the Sub in Blind but under the pressures of a plotting session with a desk we are still learning and we know have bugs you just panic and loose onfidence. I would love to be part of your BETA Testing team I love the previous FAT Frog and series and I think I have mastered them. Not trying to sound big headed but I can plot extremely fast on them and in the situations I use the desks this is a huge advantage, The Leap Frog is making things a lot slower. I understand it's thinking is not at all like the original frog series and if anything more like an MA but would just like a few things to be slightly simpler maybe less button pushes or give an opertor options to do the same thing but in different ways. Regards, AB Lighting.
  7. AB lighting

    Leap Frog 96 Bugs

    Hi, We have been using our Leap Frog 96 and have been keeping up to date with all software and OS updates but we still keep finding a lot of errors within the desk and it is getting increasingly frustrating. Some of which are to follow: Firstly in the copy cue function you can only copy a cue that is running live you cant copy a previous state into the next available memory. We have tried also doin this in blind mode thinking maybe this was the issue but it still does not accept the command. We hve checked all the tracking settings and always have Smart Tracking On and we have tried it with Cue Only on and off. When we have been doing some editing on the desk you have to always press clear but why when editing does it disable the use of some of your subs. eg this week in a plotting session we were changing a state during the run and we have a smoke machine operated from a sub but we couldnt run the smoke live from the sub unless we cleared the desk first. We are having continue trouble in Updating memories I have followed the manual in Loading a cue then editing and then updating but it is very temprimental and sometimes will not save the changes, again I have tried different tracking modes etc but some things just have no reasonable explanation. To this end also editing a chase has proved impossible to the point we just delete and and start again. As a sugested feature also could there be a feature to tranfer a single channel to a Sub as we have had several instances where this would be useful. I have also had problems just in the operation speed of the desk we have run a couple of big shows off the desk and we have found when using a quantity of moving lights across several pages the desk really slows down and cant keep up with us on a busy plotting session and even now has still crashed a couple of times since the last update. We are making continued lists of bugs we find can you also tell us what you intend to do with the sofware in the future as we have found some elements very un user friendly and long winded and some features almost pointless unless they are ready for future development. If there is someone we can contact directly via email as we feel a lot of our issues will take up a lot of space in the forum and this far we have been quite disapointed with this desk as we were very excited when it came out and bought it early on to compliment our range of Zero 88 equipment in our hire stock but at the moment we don't feel we can let this desk out on dry hire as our customers are struggling with it and we now only take it out on jobs we carry out ourselves. We look forward to your support. AB Lighting.

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