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  1. Thanks, I can't wait till this weekend at work to check out the bottom of the monitor for the color change. I am sure this is what I was needing if it does what you say. I appreciate that bit of information!! This support group is GREAT!!
  2. If the yellow light would switch to the subs that you start to raise the fader on at 1% you wouldn't see the lights coming on. That is why I was saying if there was a way to make it a choice to do this in the defaults you could change it to what ever you prefer. I just use conventionals in my subs and use my fixtures in memories. So the conventionals you wouldn't see at 1%.
  3. I doubt I will be running into this problem alot anyway. This was the first and only time so far. But it took me two days of programming to get where I like to be for my show. I had to do a show the first night and got all the palettes programmed but not my memories edited. So I just did the whole show with stagnet looks along with there conventionals. Except for the fast songs of course. Then I moved the heads around, lol. But all that programming is not going to waste. We go there for 8 days straight next weekend. So I will have plenty of time to fine tune everything. Thanks again!!
  4. I recently ran into this headache. We are now doing shows in this particular venue regularly now. I have a Fat Frog and use 6 Mac 250+s for my shows. This theatre that we are now doing some shows at has Mac 600s so I don't use my 250+s. I was really really hoping I could just go in and assign the new fixtures and then update all the palettes and then the board would update all my memories with the new 600s. I was wrong!! All the memories when gone to where all empty from fixtures. I had to go in all my memories and edit them totally. That is alot of editing! I called tech support and they said that different lights have all the different protocols and dmx patches and so forth. I understand this. But there should be a way to store all these new numbers patches into the palette. If you store a color palette with blue with the 250s, then go in and store that same palette with blue with the 600s I think your memories if programmed to be blue from that palette SHOULD be blue, lol. I know you computer programmers can figure out how to do this so I am keeping my fingers crossed., Anybody else run into this problem?
  5. What I do is with the new software installed is use full mode but I only use the submasters for generic channels only. I use the memories for all my movers only and run both at the same time. Go into super user and go to desk defaults and turn the LTP trigger off on Submasters. I don't have my desk in front of me now so I am trying to remember how to tell you. I was having the same exact problem as you. I went ahead and set the LTP trigger level to 99% just for safe measure also, lol. The LTP trigger is a time that will trigger your movers when you slide the fader to the percent that it is set for. Then what ever scene you had up when programming that sub on the movers will trigger back to it when you bring that fader up. This is the easy and best way around your problem from my experience. I tried all that partial mode with the tagging the fixtures and all but if you don't use your movers in the subs then do what I just explained. It saves you a lot of headaches with trying to figure out what has been tagged and not. I hope this helps you!
  6. I was thinking that it would help if while using your submasters the fader that you start to lift up would turn yellow on the monitor instead of the last one that you hit the bump button on. Scrolling through pages gets confusing enough. To have to look up at the monitor to see what Submaster you want and then have to look at the board to make sure you are grabbing the right one takes more time. If you could just look at the monitor and start to fade up a little bit on one and it turn yellow you could be able to work faster. What do ya'll think? Maybe there is a reason for this but I wish you could chose which option best suites your needs. Thanks!
  7. Not being able to check to see if you patched things right till you get out of Super User is a headache. When I manual patch the generic channels to a fader I wish I could bring that fader up and see if it is working right. Going to different venues every week and having people right down the numbers for you and then finding that there are a lot of them wrong is frustrating enough. But then having to guess and go in and out of the super user just to check adds to the frustration. Does anyone else agree? Thanks!
  8. I use the fat frog and 6 mac 250+. When I first started programming memories a couple of years ago I noticed the jerks on slow speeds. I just started moving the fade times up and down till the jerks came out. Then I just override the speed for the speed of the song. I can't remember what speeds made it jerk because it has been a while but I did get slow movement with out the jerks that way. Every once in a while I will override and get to slow and it will start the jerk again. I don't know exactly what is causing it but I did figure out how to work around it. For some reason I am thinking that 4 and 7 were bad numbers with the jerks. Those are my favorite numbers and I kinda remember not being able to use them, lol.
  9. The position palette with a fade time that will let you override it would be the greatest thing ever!!!!!! I have to do a lot of my show on the fly so I would love to be able to move the positions on the fly. To be able to slow it down or speed it up with the override would be awesome!! I do it with the memories all night long.
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