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  1. Sorry, I had presumed that lanterns were off, ie no preheat, as such turning them on slightly, so I thought, would be at least slightly damaging to the lamps, hence preheat. If preheat was set up then it would make no difference as lanterns would be on that much anyway. Chris
  2. Surely pushing up random faders until you get the one you want is not a particularly sensible way of finding them, what if you had one with all lanterns to full, without any fade on it? Obviously they would start dim, but this wouldn't really be good for your lanterns, or, I expect your reputation. You wouldn't be impressed if the houselights started to come on in the middle of a show you were at, would you? Although, this would provide an early-ish warning if you were leaning on subs.... What's anyone else think? Chris
  3. I'd have to agree, this would also make life much easier when patching while someone else is focussing, I checked on phantom frog and the faders currently appear to do nothing. Perhaps it would be possible to keep the flash buttons with their current function and the faders on setup as patched in Super User? Chris
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