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  1. sp8rks

    Mac 300's and the FAT FROG

    Hi there techies, I had a small ring of in house lanterns and four Mac 300's and i used a Fat frog, but there was no way that i could use the colour wheel's on the Mac 300's which i wanted to use but couldnt get them to work and did not have the time to duck around with them, any ideas how to get the wheels on the board, it is displayed on the monitor but i couldnt find a way of controlling them. I was using them on DMX mode 4 (mac 300's) any ideas? Great board though! Chears Sp8rks
  2. sp8rks

    Mac 300's and the FAT FROG

    D'oh, oh well i will know next time! :roll: :oops: :roll:

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