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  1. Hi there, I was wondering if the 'ELO1515L' Touch screen is supported on Solution Series. It's the screen that was used at the Olympics and they are being sold of dirt cheap! Just like to get ready for when I buy the solution series desk many thanks Dan
  2. Hey all! Well it's life with us has come to the end, the desk is too small for us! It's been to small for the past year/2 but it was not in the budget to get another one so we expanded to PC software as a temp solution, sadly it's not the same as programming on a desk. So we hope to get the new Solution Series Console to replace it in time for a charity panto we have coming up. Does anyone know any places apart from eBay where we could sell the desk? Or do you know anyone who's after one? The desk was brought brand new in nov 07, it's in amazing condition. not a dent, scratch or mark on it apart from a few scuffs on the bottom and the protective coating over the LCD screen has come off, only about 1cm2. Cleaned regularly & PAT tested yearly. We look after out equipment. Cheers All
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