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  1. wehbeh

    Colour Mixing Panel

    An amazing feature would be to have a colour mixing panel like in Adobe Photoshop for example...this way we can choose colours faster... It would work in a such a way that when we choose washes for example and press the color attribute a colour mixing panel would open on the screen... Wow...that would be something....Avolites pearl have this feature on a seperate pad...we can have it implemented internally on the Frog 2
  2. Check it out! http://www.spacetune.com
  3. Well I can tell you this....when you create a colour pallete for the 250 which triggers the blue colour at lets say a DMX value of 20 then if you call this pallete again on a different fixture you might get a different colour because different fixtures sometimes have different colours at that value ... so .. bad luck... you have to program your palletes again for different fixture...
  4. wehbeh

    Uploading Fixture Files

    I have created Fixture files for my Robe Fog 1500ft Machine and Robe Faze 1000ft Machine using the Fixture Type Editor Software...how do I upload it to the Frog2 Console...
  5. I recently bought a frog 2 Console....I read the manual carefully and sat down for a try...First thing I did was start the setup....Added four Robe Spots 575XT Mode 1 .... went to the Fixture Editing window to edit their values and realised that ROBE575XT No. 2 fixture does not show on the screen...just the first, third & fourth Fixture...I tried other fixtures and realised that the desk does not show the second Numbered fixture...is this some kind of a bug...can it be fixed...?

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