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  1. An amazing feature would be to have a colour mixing panel like in Adobe Photoshop for example...this way we can choose colours faster... It would work in a such a way that when we choose washes for example and press the color attribute a colour mixing panel would open on the screen... Wow...that would be something....Avolites pearl have this feature on a seperate pad...we can have it implemented internally on the Frog 2
  2. Check it out! http://www.spacetune.com
  3. Well I can tell you this....when you create a colour pallete for the 250 which triggers the blue colour at lets say a DMX value of 20 then if you call this pallete again on a different fixture you might get a different colour because different fixtures sometimes have different colours at that value ... so .. bad luck... you have to program your palletes again for different fixture...
  4. I have created Fixture files for my Robe Fog 1500ft Machine and Robe Faze 1000ft Machine using the Fixture Type Editor Software...how do I upload it to the Frog2 Console...
  5. I recently bought a frog 2 Console....I read the manual carefully and sat down for a try...First thing I did was start the setup....Added four Robe Spots 575XT Mode 1 .... went to the Fixture Editing window to edit their values and realised that ROBE575XT No. 2 fixture does not show on the screen...just the first, third & fourth Fixture...I tried other fixtures and realised that the desk does not show the second Numbered fixture...is this some kind of a bug...can it be fixed...?
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