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  1. Again. How do I program seperate scene stacks onto submasters. Full tracking with multi-submaster stacking is a BIG improvement over the last system and I have looked forward to trying it out... It dosent seem to be mentioned in the manual... Am I missing something??? Not to be a pain, but...
  2. ...??? and what about "pro mode"? Is that a feature for the future?
  3. ... oh... So there's only one mode.... Ok, I see now.
  4. RTFM... how do I change from partial--->full mode? Thanx in advance.
  5. Wow, what a brutal show. The pilots did not have the "reverse dim" onboard. Too old I guess. They stayed @ 100% through three days of shows. Did I mention that the shutters have no "close"!!! The lowest value was very slow strobe. Sheesh, such a pain. I had to do "something" with them in every single scene, back out, set change, walkin/out.... argh. I could almost get a blackout by pointing 'em away from the house, towards the sky in the darkest color, gobo and out of focus. I hit the floor area bedind the set alot and also put them on the cyc to slow things down a bit, lots of wash stuff. I had to be carefull 'caust no matter what move I made, It would show... all in all... I'd say it "worked" and only I and the client knew or noticed the issue but it felt corny and "hillbilly" to me. That show was lame..... Sorry, but I just needed a shoulder or two to cry on for a min. edit---> The client did not even know his pilots were supposed to to HAVE dimming. He thought you turn them on and they just "stay" on...
  6. Yes. It's dimmer is backwards. 255 is 0% when I use manual menu on the light. And Grand Master and Blackout do nothing. ....not a frog problem.... calling PR lighting next. Thanks 8)
  7. A client's providing me with Pilot 250's to add to an existing rig and expects me to use them. java script:emoticon(':roll:')java script:emoticon(':lol:') Downloaded the latest fixture library... ect... No brightnes/dimmer controll! Got pan, tilt, gobos, color.... every thing but dim!!! Lights stuck @ 100% ---->Not operator error<---- The rest of the lights (mac 500's) work fine. Please check your latest fixture update. I think it's wrong. Dim should be on channel 2.... :roll: :roll: 8O
  8. Yah, ok... Might be a few days till I get back in the shop due to the current death march. I left the desk "as is" so it should all still be there. ...Is there anything you need to know about the show file?
  9. ...at the shop checking out the 10.4 update. 2 Studio Spot 575's and one Studio Color. Al the taging works as described. LTP's rolling through fine etc.... Start messing around with the spots... IRIS FROST FOCUS 158 0 163 CONTROL SHUTTER MACRO 0 255 0 SPEED 17 G1 <<>> G1 FUN GOBO 1 <> 41-218 28 166 G2<<>> G2 FUN GOBO 2 50-220 39 127 The fixtures were at 50/50, x-fader@0%, V dimmer @100%, no submasters active, I started with Memory "--" and untaged everything and then only referenced the Beamshape channels. The desk is/was setup in partial mode and everything is set to tag channel so only the active beamshape channels were taged. (ie- control @ 0 was untaged etc...) I then tried to apply a postion the fixtures from the palettes and the desk wouldnt react. I also had some "position only" submasters recorded so I tried those too... no dice. I had "mixed" LTP stuff in the memorys, some stuff with record all, record channels and record attributes. Dimmer only on some groups too. Color palettes worked, BUT the beamshape palettes now also contained POSITION DATA AND BEAM SHAPE DATA. I also had some "shutter only" cues in the submasters those also now contained the same "mysto" position data. The memorys that referenced palettes were also "mysto beamshape' positions. The memorys that were recorded as "Save All" (full mode style) were fine. So I recorded only the active channels in beam shape to a empty submaster. (yes I untaged everything) and homed and untaged all. Dumped the V-dimmer and went through the palettes and stuff I had recorded untill that point... back to normal... Run up the sub with the suspect data... back to "crack head" mode! Reapeat home and untag... fine again! So it hates me right?
  10. I'm not support staff... nor am I familiar with that console... but I think those dip switches are your solution. If the desk has been misshandled (dropped) the dip switches that "address" the groups of faders can move out of place. IE- The symptoms that you describe cross-mojo-nate with out of place fader dip switches on other Zero-88 products.
  11. I've always liked the avo-esque combo feel on the fat/bull frog desks. They're handy in the one-off stye of shows I light... I use up alot of generic faders with things like f-100's, cyc lights, atomics and specials. They need to be right there, not 2 pages down. ...and if I need stacks on the faders I use "our" GrandMA, but thats too much desk for alot of my shows (ie.. someone else took it somewhere else)
  12. How about a little wing with 24 more moving light buttons with a "C" DMX output on the back... and another monitor output... with a little light... ...and a more RAM Call it the "FROG LEG"
  13. No need to daisy chain with ethernet. You can octopus it or chain a signal using hubs. Not to mention the massive format... we use microphone cables in live situations for DMX since 10 years and it works stable. Our DMX system (22 devices) hasn´t such problems with the DMX wiring. How do I damage my scanners and movinghead´s with a wrong DMX signal of max. current DC5V ? Some types of fixtures are fickle to cross talk with unsheilded data wire. Mostly low end stuff like technobeams etc...
  14. Can I use the 9.8 disk that came with my new Bullfrog to update the OS on my Fatfrog? I had a power outtage while I had a fixture lib disk in the FF and when the console powered up it erased the OS off the board a half hour from show time! Yikes.
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