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  1. Hello Just a quicky......when using the Fixture Editing Modes will the fixtures fan according to the fixture number or the order in which you select them? Many thanks
  2. Hello So ive been tasked to program a light show for a conference in a few weeks. I'll have a big old projection screen, about 20 movers, some DMX lasers, a hand full of LED cans , acl's and a couple of standard par bars....and a Bullfrog to Programe it all on. I'm ok with the programing side............ fully aware of what a Bullfrog can (or can't) do . I want to try and make this look as good as I can and as slick as I can so obvioulsy want it to be as automated as possible. The music track will be played using SCS and I've heard that I can use this to trigger the cues on the Bullfrog so I dont have to get lost in setting dwell times for each cue which is gona be a seriously long task. Has anyone tryied this? What little gizmo do I need to get them to comunicate and which settings need to be played with in SCS. This will be the first time I have programed a sequence in this way so any tips in general would be apreciated. Your thoughts please
  3. I do pretty much the same with my Bull Frog. Once i have plotted a show i then go back through the memories to see which cues need to be tidied. I copy the postion beamshape and colour from the cue where the movers are on into pallets then go back to the the previous cue , recall the pallets and turn the movers off and programme. If the cues containg movers has a slow fade time you can somtimes get away with just making all the LTP times a snap so by the time the movers are fading up they have set them self hope this helps
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