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  1. You can contact ACT Lighting in LA and ask for Bob. He will let you know who has Frog 2 in rental stock in Canada. ACT is the American distributor for Zero 88.
  2. Hi If you feel the Frog wont do the job for you, you could always look at the Frog 2. You wil be able to achieve everything you need on this, and if you are a Hog user than the programme syntax for this is almost the same. Worth a try. If you have any questions e-mail : bkelly@zero88.com gbalessmith@zero88.com Good Luck
  3. First of all I would just like to thank everybody who took part in the Frog 2 Training @ PLASA. The winner of the desk was Ben M Rogers from London. Well done Ben and I hope you enjoy your new Desk !!!!!!!
  4. Frogman

    Frog or Pearl...

    If you really wanted to...you could use them all at once!!!!! The CD-R is nice and is there as an option for anybody who does not want to use USB sticks and it is also used for driving music cd's for midi/smpte. The 3 USB ports allow you to plug your 2 Touch screen monitors in and also use a USB Stick....... Each designer differs and if you dont use multiple stacks then thats fine, but for anyone who wants to run a position chase for example on one then a colour chase on another and a beam shape on another then this can be done by using multiple playbacks with a "Master Go" button
  5. Frogman

    Frog or Pearl...

    Well, where do I start. ........ As Paul mentioned, this has been a topic of conversation before, and probably for a while yet..... There are a couple of things about the Frog 2 that make it unique and excellent for both Theatre and live events (busking). We have created what are know as UDF's and UDK's (user difineable faders and user defineable keys). 1000 faders and 2000 keys which can be assigned to control anything from a single group of fixtures to a complete memory. As you mentioned you also have 2 monitors and an on board touch screen. If you really want to, you can displa
  6. Hi Gary, I was in Ireland not so long ago with the desk, but will be over again soon hopefully. If you want to have a look at the desk, speak to Niall/Phil @ Aquarius Sound & Lighting I will let you know when I'm back for training Cheers
  7. Hey Ice, Not exactly what I was thinking of..... You need to actually attend the training days!! Where abouts are you from, we run training all over Europe!
  8. How do you fancy winning your own Frog 2 Lighting console?? Easy, all you need to do is sign up for Frog 2 training between now and the end of September and you will be entered into a draw for a Frog 2 desk! Training takes place in Zero 88's Head office in Cwmbran, Wales. Lunch will be provided and the traing is FREE OF CHARGE! First training days will be the 5th and 6th of July. I will also be doing training sessions @ Plasa in at Earls Court London. Training will be on the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday,11th,12th 13th of Sept between 11.00am and 1pm and 2pm and 4pm. If you wou
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