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  1. Hello, I've a very weird problem with a fat frog: I had running a Griven Colorway fixture on a fat frog that isn't running well. So I tried that fixture on my other fat frog, and !! on that fat frog, the fixture runs normal! The fixture works on a frog with bios 2 and software 9.6, and doesn't work on a frog with bios 5 and software 9.8!!! I tried, other dmx addresses, other software, faders instead of a fixture button, the dmx patch of the tables is the same, the output of the tables is the same, the settings are the same. But then i found a very weird thing: -the fixture had 5 channels -when I patch the fixture @ 4-5-6-7-8, it doesn't work well, but when i fade in fader 3, which isn't patched, it Works!!! -fader 3 has NO dmx address, when i set fader 3 @ 100 %, it works. How can i solve that problem??? :roll: Greetz, Ronnie
  2. Thanx!! The Can mode was disabled 8) Greetz Ronnie
  3. I've a question: The manual says that the + and - button of the frogscreen works the same as the one on the frogbox. But when I enter the 'superuser mode' on the frogscreen my frogbox doesn't enter the superuser mode, and the + and - buttons aren't the remote buttons of the frogbox..... How can I solve that problem? Greetz Ronnie
  4. Hello, I was programming the frogbox+frog screen, and everything goes well, but when i want to start up/rename some memories with the frogscreen it goes wrong. I can select the memories on the frogbox, AND i can see them (and start them) on the crt-monitor, which is connected on the frogbox..... BUT i can't see them on the frogscreen! I gave the chases a name on the fat frog, and saved it as a show. what's wrong? Greetz Ronnie
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