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  1. indeed that's my default way... but's not fast enough for me... ok sorry 'bout that... if you can do nothing... simply you can't!!! ;D thought it would have been easier
  2. how do you think that i can go to my boss and ask him to buy me a new mambo only 'cos i need an extra bank of palette... i think he would kick my ... ;D (or instead buy a used rolacue.... same money and extra feature) actually we got four fat frog (couple of which are only few months old) and i don't think he will be that glad to have to change 'em... ;(
  3. hi ev'rybody i'm a proud and (a little) experienced fat frog user since 2 year by now and i would like to have an (according to me) really useful feature. when using my frog in live shows i am almost addicted to palette (i bring with me a series of floppy with lots of show already programmed for different fixture: colours, beamshape and some sub-masters are always the same...) but i find really disappointing having to change from one bank to another while showing... you know when you expect that your 12 moving heads do move to point the star of the show and instead they turn all to a fairy pink... not the kind of things that helps your career don't they? ok the suggestion is this: what about if you should put an extra bank of palette (e.g. when brightness is selected) that can "tag" different attribute? then i could have e.g. ten palette of colour six of beamshape and eight of fixed position ALL on the same bank and memorize on the sub-master only the dimmer controls and the movement... that would really be great!!! let me know what do you think about it if you want. and please forgive my english: you should have understood i'm italian!!! ;D hi Mauz
  4. well i have all (or just the required) fixture selected by defalut: i use to program all my subs with just one or two parameter recorded on it. i need to have my show "open" you know... what's wrong? it happens with all kind of palettes: colour, beamshape and position... :cry:
  5. how does it comes that when i program a palettes nothing seems to happen? well the led of the selected palette turns on and it looks like it has been programmed but when i select it none of the attribute changes... if i re-program it and re-record on the same flash button then it remains programmed and i can use it... why? in deed i have to program the same palettes twice... :oops:
  6. ok then: is there any way that i can use to "fade" between the actual position and the next wanted controlling the fading time with the fader itself? second: "merge movements" means that i would like to mix e.g. a tilt movement prog on a sub with a pan move prog on another sub... last one: can i control at least X and Y amplitude of a movements Fx with a sub fader? *****thanx Paul for Ur fast answering: go on like this ***** how do i look for a "frog reference"?
  7. well i use a fat frog since an year and... that's ok I like it. (my boss asked to choose for this year's tour between my tailless amphibian "fat"one and an old rolacue... i choosed frog!!) the 10th release of OS works good but i would like something more (if you ever worked with a rolacue you should know what i'm talkin about): i would like to prog something like a movement regardless of the position of M.H. and i know that i can do it "untagging" (or not tagging) unwanted channel...but the movement stands in even when i "turn off" the fader... you know, the pearl's memory mode 2 works like if everything programmed onto it was a dimmer: up-in down-out... and if a position is programmed as memory 2, it change from the previous to the programmed poosition as if "dimmed"! e.g. at 50% of the fading, the position is something half-way in between the previos and the next. that means that i can cross position and movement with the real control of my finger... how can I do something like that with my fat frog? and, incidentally, can I "merge" movements? please let me know... thanx :roll:
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