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  1. As an experiment, saved a show to floppy disk then wiped the desk and tried to load the show from disk. The result was that no show could be found on the disc. So programmed a few memories and saved again only this time tried to load the show without clearing the desk and the show was found on the disk. Then cleared the desk once more and once more no show could be found on the disk. Any ideas as this could be pretty disastrous if the desk is wiped and your back up doesn't work?
  2. Just upgrade the Leap Frog to version 6.2. Had hoped that this would fix the problem of lights dipping in Edit Mode when the memory to be edited is the same as the memory being output to the stage. This bug still exists. Any idea when it might be corrected?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I think the facility of a top set type feature would be useful but not in the accidental way it appears here. As for chase speed, that does need to be fixed once you've programmed BUT it would be nice to be able to temporarily override this during playback.
  4. Have spoken to Keith Rogers about this. Went into edit mode and discovered what is already a known fault in that if you edit a memory and that particular memory is also displayed in current memory and next memory, the lights on stage dip momentarily (a problem if you try and edit during the run). This is going to be fixed but it did lead me to a further anomaly which was new to Keith. I was looking to see if there was a top set feature as found on the Sirius 24 and 48. (Apparently there isn't). However I managed to create it. It seems once you have been into and out of Edit Mode, then if the flash key beneath a fader is held that fader can be brought down to zero (or any other level). If you haven't been into edit mode this won't happen. Has anybody else found this one. I think top set is useful if you have an errant light but this way of doing it was not intended and so the feature does not officially exist. Could some way of temporarily reducing the level of a channel be included as a feature
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