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  1. Hopefully this works! Any problems let me know Showtec_Pixel8.ift
  2. Hi Anyone made a fixture file for the Showtec Pixeltracks for Fat Frog? I know there is one in the main library but thats for the the whole unit. I need one that will address all the segments individually so its all the parameters multiplied by 8 as there are 8 sections per pixeltrack so 48 total channels Kind of need these urgently so going to start playing with the fixture editor now. If I sort it I will post here Thanks! Si
  3. Hi Currently running 2.15 on the desk and have downloaded version 3, followed the instructions given, the installation program erases the USB pen drive (I am using the Zero88 supplied one), copies the software onto it, when I power up the desk, no matter what USB port I use, the desk does not boot into the Software Update Application it just hangs at the initial splash screen with frogs jumping around the displays. Have tried this several times - any ideas guys and how I can update the software? Thanks - Si
  4. Hi Paul Unfortunately we didn't we just had to get the desk working in a short time frame as always. I thought about it after we reloaded it. Thanks - Si
  5. Similar to the ghosting issue but not quite .............. We went to a customer's theatre this week to investigate a dimmer problem and found out it was actually the desk. Its a Fat Frog running 10.4.1. Channels 21 and 22 and 43 had values assigned to them when no subs, no fixtures and no presets were up. Only the GM would bring the values down. We reset the DMX outputs, cleared everything and reset the patch to no avail. Fearing the worst, I decided to reload the software 10.4.1 and this cleared the fault. Just for everybody's edification, does Z88 or anyone know what would cause this issue and why a software re-install would fix it? Thanks and regards Si
  6. We have 1 x Betapack3 thats playing up. Unfortunately the customer is 35 miles away and dont relish the prospect of going there to find its goosed and have to go there again to replace. Symptoms are: Channels 3 and 4, 5 and 6 work as expected Channels 1 and 2 are not working at all either through DMX signal or though the manual control on the pack The linking bar is my first point of call, Is there anything else I should be looking for when on site? Cheers
  7. At the time I was entering the channel value direct into the program window. The delay time is correct (about 2-3 seconds) I just should be more patient, but when you against the clock every second counts! Perhaps this could be an option in the Setup part of the LeapFrog rather than a hard and fast delay time as different people operate in different ways. Thanks Si
  8. We have v2.15 Leapfrog 48/96 Noticed last night as I was editing memories that if you wanted to change an intensity to say 55, you cannot type in 55 using the MFKs. Have not tried with keyboard though. It is the same for any number 11 - 99, although tempo times for chases allow you to do it. Also, in the memory stack, you cannot input step 55 or 44 or 33 etc it does not like repeating numbers. Just thought I would share that with you! Si
  9. sicole


    As the whole thing says, "How Do I Topset?" Is there a way to do it on the new desks or could this be a feature in later software releases? It is such a pain when one lamp blows and leaves 1 or 2 on the same circuit still on, whole thing looks uneven. Here's hoping .................. Si
  10. Yes, certainly could be related to that. I dug a bit deeper on Saturday night and the fade down on that memory was nothing, hence transferring it to the sub would replicate the problem, but as I run through the memory stack, the tracking eliminates this. I cannot be certain but I am sure it had a fade down time of 0.0 at the start of the week. Other chases I programmed at the start of the week had the same properties and were fine. The only thing I changed on the setup was the flash/solo setting to try and get it to solo the chase but that didnt work as I found out from a previous post! Peter - I cleared the desk on Saturday so unfortunately do not have a show file. Thanks for your help Si
  11. Not even sure how and when this happened, came to the show yesterday, in the memory stack there is memory number 9 (a directly programmed chase). Fade up time is 0.0 sec, fade down time was 0.0 but is now non existent. Also, this memory is copied to a submaster. That had the same fade times. Erring on the side of caution I bypassed this in the show. After the show, tried it and once that memory or sub is outputted, you cant get rid without deleting. Any else seen this and how can you program in a fade down time when it displays nothing in the column? Off now to the show and to reprogram the chase Cheers Si
  12. Thanks for confirming I am not quite mad yet. I have programmed chases directly onto the subs but I was testing out the theory with transferring! What about the reverse scenario then? Programming a chase on a sub and transferring to memory - does that work with no bugs? Cheers
  13. Seem to be quite active on here at the moment! Right, we have setup approx 10 subs on the Leapfrog 96, all work fine. There are 7 subs directly programmed as scenes, and there are 3 subs as chases that have been transferred from memory. If we are to name those subs and change the fade times, when we switch the desk off and on again, the name goes back to Submaster 1-26 for example and the fade time changes (to what we think is the fade time of the memory but didnt get time to check that out). Is this a known issue? Thanks again! Si
  14. Thanks as ever - the solo issue is particularly annoying so hopefully that will change sooner rather than later! Thanks again - Si
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