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  1. Hi Paul, No, checked for the usual, and they were 1.44HD with the tab in the right place. Some were from Microsoft old Win95 disks, others similarly redundant from a computing lab we've been clearing out since they've moved to a shiny new building! I'll try a few more. It's just getting a feel for what should or shouldn't happen on unfamiliar kit - helps to have an experienced viewpoint. Thanks. Regards, Paul
  2. Thanks, yes it's 9.8 on both. I'll try another floppy - it was re-used but re-formatted. Thanks for your help, I'll try again tonight. Reporting back, a new disk worked fine. I realised later that I'd copied the isf file from the hard drive to the floppy rather than saving directly to the floppy. Are there hidden files? The desk doesn't seem to like reformatting old floppy disks - gives an error on three of them. Thanks again, Paul
  3. Yes, I have pointed the Phantom to the floppy drive. The Bullfrog didn't see any files on the floppy I'd generated from the PC. Does it usually work - must be me! Thanks Paul
  4. Hi, I've tried to use Phantom Frog on a PC (Windows XP) to create a small sequence to run from a floppy disk on the Bull Frog, and equally tried to examine a short show generated on the desk by saving it to a floppy and trying to look at it on a PC. I can't see the original files on either alternative bit of equipment. I've used a hex editor to see if the PC file contained NAME captioning information, which it did. Anyone know what's happening, please? It would be useful to caption shows at home, with the script and a brew! Another little point, I can't read any of the key captions on the images and there are no diagrams of the key layouts with key captions. For a recently new user, when away from the desk, it would be useful to have this within Phantom Frog. Thanks, Regards Paul
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