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  1. Ah, thanks, Ed. That answers my question exactly. many thanks, Dave
  2. Hi, All I've got a FLXS24. I have created a cue-stack on the Master playback, largely from scenes I had previously created on other playbacks: Create scene in non-master playback Recall and output that scene from the non-master playback With the Master Playback Fader down, record to Master Playback as the next Cue. I now want to edit one of the resultant cues in the Master Playback Question: Can I do this as normal "update" in the Master Playback Cue, or it it linked somehow to the playback the cue was created from? Or any other Master Playback cue that uses the non-master playback? (I'm looking to reduce, not increase, certain levels) many thanks, Zulu
  3. Ah, brilliant. thanks droiddk. I’ll give that a go tomorrow.
  4. Thanks, droiddk. This describes my requirement, but can’t see where to specify 44.5 during the record action.
  5. Hi. Apologies if this question is already addressed somewhere...... I’m working with a FLX S24. Whilst creating a long cue stack for a theatre-style Playback, I am looking to save a cue to a particular, as yet empty, cue, eg cue 45. Is this possible? The lighting state would, by default, save to the next free whole number, which I could copy to the particular cue. But can I do it directly in the “record” action? many thanks, Zulu
  6. Many thanks, Ed. I'll try solo first ! regards, Zulu
  7. Ah, understood. Thanks, kgallen, I'll give it a go. (I've just read the user guide, which doesn't mention FLX or ZeroS in the list of applications, but I presume it's ok) cheers, Zulu
  8. Hi, all. please can anyone say what is the mechanism for creating/installing a fixture profile that isn't currently in the library? It's a Showtec Hydrogen DMX Mk II thanks, Zulu
  9. OK, thanks Ed. I think I've got it. Time to stop talking and give it a go !! cheers, Zulu
  10. OK, thanks, Ed. that sounds good. So, in my example, if when recording Cue 10.5, I hold RECORD, and set the Record Options as you describe, will Cue 11 onwards take its tracking from Cue 10, ignoring 10.5? Or does the "Cue Only" flag switch tracking off for the entire Cue stack? ta, Zulu
  11. Thanks for the tips on Tracking, and the video. It's good. I pretty much get the concept, and how it can reduce data input and processing. I think it means that I can only plot my show in sequence from the start, cue by cue. If I do this perfectly first time, all is well. But If I have plotted cues 1 thru 20, then decide to insert a cue between, say, 10 and 11, (ie, 10.5).... cues from 11 onwards, which previously took their tracked info from Cue 10 or earlier, are now taking tracked info from 10.5. Won't this screw all further cues? thanks, Zulu
  12. Thanks for the responses, guys. V. helpful. Regarding the HTP LTP Inhibit query, I think I get that. Thanks. Regarding the copying of cues, I'm interested in kgallen's offering: I still struggle a bit with Tracking, but generally everything works as I want, with the default settings. Typically when starting to plot a new play, I create a "blank" cue list with all descriptions, numbers, and script references. Then, when I'm plotting, and realise I can re-use a lighting state from Act 1, in Act 3, I'll want to copy. Can tracking help me with this, or should I rethink my basic MO ? Ta, Zulu
  13. To advance my learning . . . 3 questions: Using the Master Playback with a theatre style cue stack 1. When a cue is live on stage, the Output window shows exactly what all the channels/fixtures are doing. Very useful. Is it possible to preview the view for a cue that isn't currently live? 2. Copying cues. Using the Z button, I frequently copy existing cues into other existing cues (over-writing), meaning I only need minor edits to the new cue. Is it possible to copy the content of a cue into another existing cue, without over-writing the description ? 3. I've mastered programming a Playback to add lighting to an existing scene. Can I programme a playback to subtract light from an existing scene? eg I hit the playback button (or raise the slider), and certain fixtures go dark for the duration ? many thanks, Zulu
  14. OK, I get that. Next time I'm at the theatre, I'll check that, to see if I really do have 2 universes, or just 1, split across the 2 outputs. Expect radio silence for a while now, as I'm going away for the next 10 days. thanks, Guys., Zulu
  15. OK. I'll act natural if anyone asks. He He
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