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  1. Thanks for the responses, guys. V. helpful. Regarding the HTP LTP Inhibit query, I think I get that. Thanks. Regarding the copying of cues, I'm interested in kgallen's offering: I still struggle a bit with Tracking, but generally everything works as I want, with the default settings. Typically when starting to plot a new play, I create a "blank" cue list with all descriptions, numbers, and script references. Then, when I'm plotting, and realise I can re-use a lighting state from Act 1, in Act 3, I'll want to copy. Can tracking help me with this, or should I rethink my basic MO ? Ta, Zulu
  2. To advance my learning . . . 3 questions: Using the Master Playback with a theatre style cue stack 1. When a cue is live on stage, the Output window shows exactly what all the channels/fixtures are doing. Very useful. Is it possible to preview the view for a cue that isn't currently live? 2. Copying cues. Using the Z button, I frequently copy existing cues into other existing cues (over-writing), meaning I only need minor edits to the new cue. Is it possible to copy the content of a cue into another existing cue, without over-writing the description ? 3. I've mastered programming a Playback to add lighting to an existing scene. Can I programme a playback to subtract light from an existing scene? eg I hit the playback button (or raise the slider), and certain fixtures go dark for the duration ? many thanks, Zulu
  3. OK, I get that. Next time I'm at the theatre, I'll check that, to see if I really do have 2 universes, or just 1, split across the 2 outputs. Expect radio silence for a while now, as I'm going away for the next 10 days. thanks, Guys., Zulu
  4. OK. I'll act natural if anyone asks. He He
  5. This thread has taken an unexpected twist ! As suggested, I checked, and saw there was only Output 1 under Universe 1. So I tried to also assign Output 2 as a 2nd output under Universe 1 I got a message to say Output 2 was already assigned to a Universe. At this point, I see Universe 2 is assigned to Output 2 ! Very unexpected, as my desk is only supposed to have 1 universe. Perhaps I should stop her! I have everything I need, and have learnt some gems of knowledge from Kevin and Ed. Many thanks, Zulu
  6. OK, thanks, Ed. I'll try this later. Zulu.
  7. Thanks, Ed. I've tried a couple of fixture profiles . . . 3Ch (RGB), 4Ch (RGB-D), (D-RGB), with no joy. I was doing this at home, where I only had 3-pin DMX cables available, hence using the 2nd DMX output. I have a 1-universe desk, so was expecting identical behaviour from each DMX output. However, when trying the set up at the theatre, with the 5 pin cable from DMX Output 1, my LED strip behaved properly ! All is well ! So I now wonder if there is a problem with my DMX Output 2. Is it "switched off" ? So for now, my LED Tape problem is solved, but I now need to do some more specific testing on the 2nd DMX output of the desk. This is the 1st time I've used this output since I bought the desk a few months ago. thanks, Zulu
  8. Thanks, K having selected a 3 channel profile, I was using the fader for intensity, and the colour-picker for colour. No luck. If I understand you correctly, I should have success if I either . . . Use a 4 Channel profile (RGB+ Virtual Dimmer) or Use a 3 Channel profile (RGB), and use the colour wheels, not the colour-picker, to bring up the colours (I didn't do either of these !) I'll try this later, and report back. regards, Zulu
  9. Hi, all. I wonder if anyone can help with this problem . . . I am planning to control RGB LED tape from my FLX S24 desk. I have bought and connected some RGB 5050SMD 10mm tape, similar to this: I have bought and patched a DMX Decoder, 3 Channel, Generic maunufacturer, similar to this: I've used the 3 Channel RGB LED fixture in the Generics section of the Fixture Library on the FLX S24. I'm getting no life from the set up at all. I have connected the same arrangement to a laptop running LightFactory software, and the LED tape responds correctly. So that means the LEDs, DMX Decoder, and cables are all good. Any thoughts why this arrangement doesn't work with the FLX S24? Note, I have used the 3-Pin DMX output from the desk, as I didn't have a 5 pin adapter handy. Thanks in anticipation . . . Zulu.
  10. yes,live not blind. Thanks , I think that is the answer I need. cheers,Dave
  11. I primarily operate in a theatre environment, so a Cue-stack full of pre-recorded lighting states. Is it possible to make tweaks during a performance, and to save them, whilst the cue is in live playback on the stage? Many thanks
  12. Yes, there is a click when switching from "manual" position to the timed fades positions. This is normal. I am not at the theatre at present, but I can retrieve the desk. Is it possible to do testing remote from the lighting rig, eg at home ? The problem is intermittent, but seems to be worse at the position I use most frequently, around the 3 - 4 second mark. ta, Zulu.
  13. Thanks for the observations and advice . . . I suppose knowing what desk would help !! Duhh! It's an Alcora 12/24. I believe it is a Mark 1, because it is grey in colour. cheers, Zulu
  14. First post here. . . I have well used Zero 88 desk, and have started seeing a problem with fade: when setting for a 5 second (say) fade, the next cue just jumps to full virtually instantly. Not good for the production. Don't know anything about it, but could it be the knob is waring out. Is it fixable? Otherwise this trusty old desk works great thanks , Zulu
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